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MG MGF Technical - K2000 - available now - but motorsport only ;o)

Lifted from the Lotus Elise Technical BBS. So you fancied a K2000? Think again, unless you have deep pockets ;o)

Sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...

The K2000 Engine

In December 2002 Engine Developments began looking at possible competition applications for MG Rover engines, and decided that a 2 litre version of the K series engine could have a number of applications. This started off our program to develop a high performance 2 litre engine from the existing K series production engine.

The K2000 program was officially launched at the Autosport International Show at the NEC in January 2003. The announcement generated much interest (and skepticism) amongst visitors to the Show, and that interest has continued throughout the intervening period. Since our launch we have been developing the engine in various specifications, and have worked closely with Powertrain Ltd. and MG Sport & Racing, both of whom have been very co-operative and given assistance where possible.

On September 27th the K2000 engine in 220bhp specification made its race debut in a 2hr BARC endurance race at Thruxton in a works entered MG ZR. The engine ran faultlessly, powering the car to 9th place overall and winning its class. The step up from 1,8 to 2,0 litres meant that the car was able to fend off the mainly Honda VTEC powered competition that had beaten it in the past. This was a fantastic achievement in the engines first ever outing, and confirms that K2000 engine is a winner.

We are delighted to announce that we have now started production of a limited number of engines that are being offered for sale initially to those who expressed an interest in the engine from the outset. We hope to begin manufacture of a second batch of engines at some point in the future, but this will depend on the level of interest in the first limited run.

The engines will be built at our Rugby premises using new donor parts from Powertrain and our own 2 litre conversion parts, so will be completely new engines. We have no plans at present to offer upgrade kits for sale, though again this may be considered in future if there is sufficient interest.

Our aim with this first development of the engine was to produce the highest performance derivative of the K series engine to date (with the exception of forced induction versions) without jeopardizing reliability, as this has been a weakness of many previous high performance versions of the standard 1,8 litre engine. We therefore wanted to keep the maximum power speed of the engine as low as possible, and have achieved a fantastic 250bhp with a maximum engine speed of 7500rpm. Maximum torque is 190lbft, a substantial increase over the standard 1.8 litre engine, which means that excellent driveability will also be maintained.

To achieve the increase in capacity from 1.8 litres we have increased both the bore and stroke of the engine, so have therefore designed a new crankshaft, piston and liner set up. We have also extensively re-worked the cylinder head in terms of porting and valving to achieve this power output. A new intake and dry sump system completes the major re-design that we have undertaken.

The engine is aimed specifically at competition or track day use. Whereas we obviously cannot prevent customers from using the engine on the road we will not be considering any SVA requirements in the design or mapping of the engine.

We anticipate engine deliveries to commence in January 2004, so if you would like to be one of the first customers with one of these exclusive engines please contact us as soon as possible. We expect a high level of interest, and will accept orders strictly on a first come first served basis. The sale price quoted in this document will apply only to this first batch of engines as we cannot guarantee to hold this price for any future production runs.

Details of the engine specification and our terms and conditions follow in this document.


The sale price of the engine is 12,900 +VAT. This price includes :

K2000 2 litre K series engine complete with:

o EDL Aluminium Forged 2 Ring Pistons
o EDL Steel Cylinder Liners
o EDL Ported and Valved Cylinder Head
o EDL Inlet & Exhaust Cam Profiles
o EDL Steel Crankshaft
o EDL Solid Tappets
o High Flow Injectors
o Mechanical Cam Belt Tensioner
o EDL Lightweight Flywheel
o EDL 4 Butterfly Intake System c/w backplate and air filter
o EDL Dry Sump Kit
o EURO 1 Engine Management System
o Engine Wiring Harness
o Engine Warranty (see below for details)
o Full dyno test and pre delivery inspection

Customer Specific Options
We expect that customers will have their own specific requirements, and that engines will be ordered for fitment in different vehicles. We will do everything we can to accommodate these needs, but cannot guarantee that all requirements can be met. The engine can be fitted in all existing K series installations (e.g. Lotus Elise and its derivatives, Caterham, MG ZR, ZS and ZT), but some chassis modifications may be required in certain cases. Customers should ask our technical staff for assistance if necessary.

We also appreciate that some customers may already have vehicles with programmable engine management systems that they may want to use. Depending on the suitability of such systems we may consider re-calibrating them for customer engines, however there will be additional charges for this work. Customers should ask our technical staff for assistance if necessary.

Engines can be ordered without the dry sump kit if this is not required. In this case a reduction of 1,100 in the sale price will be made.

Orders & Payments
We will only accept orders in writing, and a non-refundable deposit of 5,000 payable either by cheque, bank draft or wire transfer must accompany these. Bank details are available on request. We will confirm engine orders and delivery dates in writing. The balance will be due when the engine is delivered.

We can arrange delivery of the engine at extra cost if this is required, or alternatively we would be happy for you to come and collect your engine from our Rugby premises.

The engine will require a full rebuild after 3,000 miles of track use. A rebuild will constitute a full strip down and crack test of all engine components, and the automatic replacement of pistons and valve springs. Other parts will be replaced as deemed necessary from our rigorous inspection procedures. All engines will be dyno tested and inspected after test to our normal high standards.
Routine rebuild costs will be 3,750 labour plus parts. If for any reason non-routine repair or rebuild work is necessary as a result of damage caused by mis-use of the engine this will be charged additionally.

We offer a limited warranty on all engines, such that if a failure or problem occurs within the normal rebuild interval of the engine we will rectify this at no charge, as long as the failure is due to build quality or EDL component failure. The warranty specifically excludes any failure caused by incorrect operation of the engine by the customer, such as overheating or over-revving. All engines will be fitted with tamper proof seals. If any of these seals are damaged or missing then our warranty will be void.

We will also issue an Operating Guidelines information sheet to every customer. This will give details of the optimum running conditions for the engine and recommendations for a number of parameters. Our warranty is conditional on these guidelines being followed. In the event of a failure or problem that we believe has been caused by not following these guidelines our warranty will be void.

For more information please use the following contact details:

Contact Stan Hall or Barry Smith
Phone 01788 541114
Fax 01788 546303
E Mail


Engine Specification

















* It may be possible to re-calibrate the engine on other systems, subject to suitability and at extra cost.

Engine Developments Ltd

Engine Developments was founded in the early 70s by John Judd and Sir Jack Brabham. John had started work for Jack some 6 years earlier when he was making and racing the REPCO engines. Jack remains a director of the company to this day. Engines were built for various formulae, Super Vee, F3, F2 / F3000 (when the first involvement with Japanese companies began with Honda) and Formula 1.

Throughout the 1980s the company operated in F1 as engine builders only, building a strong reputation based on experience with Cosworth DFVs. In 1988, however, the company started the manufacture of engines under its own name. A number of different F1 engines were produced between 1988 and 1997, from the 90 degree V8 CV engine to the latest V10 JV produced for Yamaha, and used by Tyrrell in 1996 and Arrows in 1997.

In 1992, EDL developed the F1 3,5 litre GV engine for use in the World Sports Prototype Championship. This resulted in a 4th place finish for Mazda at the Le Mans 24 hr race and a number of other strong finishes at other rounds of the Championship.

EDL also designed and manufactured all the engines for the International F3000 Championship when it became a single engine formula in 1995. These engines are still in use, having proved their excellent reliability, and will continue to be used in the International Championship until 2004.

In 1997, EDL took over the maintenance of the engines for Nissan in the BTCC, and for 1998 designed a new, more compact, and repackaged engine for use in BTCC and STW. This engine powered the works Nissan team to Manufacturers Championships in both 1998 and 99 and the Drivers Championship in 1999.

The company is well known for its design innovation, indeed some well respected engine designers did not believe that the 1996 JV F1 engine could possibly be as light as was claimed (<100kg). This low weight was achieved through creative and innovative design rather than through the use of exotic materials, and set a trend for F1 engine design that others have now followed.

Since 1998 Engine Developments has produced the most competitive customer engine available in Sportscar racing, the GV4 V10 engine. This is derived from the same 3,5 litre F1 engine previously raced in the WSPC in 1992, but with a capacity increase to 4 litres.

There have been many race wins for the engine since it was introduced, the most notable of which is the Daytona 24hr race in 2002, which was won by the Doran Racing team. In the same year the engine powered the French Team ORECA cars to 5th and 6th places at Le Mans. In 2003 the Racing for Holland car driven by Jan Lammers finished 6th, and the engine maintained its 100% finishing record for the second successive year. The GV4 also powered Jan Lammers to the 2002 and 2003 FIA World Sportscar Championship titles.

The announcement of the K2000 engine marks the beginning of a new era for the company, entering the highly competitive market for high performance derivatives of road going engines. We are sure our success at the highest level of motorsport will benefit our new customers.
Rob Bell

I wonder how much the V10 is??? 8-0

Rob, do you know where thier 'Rugby premises' are?
See if I can nip round and half inch a couple :0)
Steve White

Very nice - just imagine it in the F! Would blow most things away on the road.

However, not very practicle. Discounting the extortionate cost to buy, even if one could find the cash somewhere, a rebuild every 3-4K miles? Mmmmm and costing over 3K. I don't think so.

Still what six numbers did I say I would pick tonight.......?
Billy Bob

If I brought one, it wouldn't go in the F, it would slip silenly into the engine bay of a rusty brown Metro, then I'd lie in wait for BMW's.... he he he
Will Munns

All rather academic considering the costs involved, but I wonder why there is no mention of the F in their list of vehicles.

> >The engine can be fitted in all existing K series
> >installations (e.g. Lotus Elise and its derivatives,
> >Caterham, MG ZR, ZS and ZT), but some chassis
> >modifications may be required in certain cases.

I noticed that too Dave - odd

Will - rusty old Metro... hmm... way ahead of you fellah! ;o) ;o)

Steve, if you happen to be "shopping" in Rugby, I'll have one please.

But as BB says - a rebuild every 3-4k miles??? Gulp! :o(
Rob Bell

As an alternative how about a V8 that is 50 kg LIGHTER than the standard K (dressed)and produces 310BHP and bolts onto a PG1 gearbox for 11k???

Do you have one fitted to an F ready for a testdrive ;-)
Will Munns

>> As an alternative how about a V8 that is 50 kg LIGHTER than the standard K (dressed)and produces 310BHP and bolts onto a PG1 gearbox for 11k??? <<

They're putting one of these into an Elise as we speak... Can you imagine that??? 8o)
Rob Bell

>> As an alternative how about a V8 that is 50 kg LIGHTER than the standard K (dressed)and produces 310BHP and bolts onto a PG1 gearbox for 11k???

Can I pay in installments? ;-)

Wonder if the standart pg1 gearbox can sustain the torque for long time... I mean it only supports 240nm (afaik) and that's even the reinforced version.

Max torque for the K2000 is 190 lb.ft - so comfortably within the limits of the PG1. You're certainly right that the PG1 can only handle up to 240 lb.ft, but IIRC that's the limit imposed by MGR for a road car that may be asked tow a significant load.

In a one tonne sports car that has no towing capacity, I suspect that one can take some "liberties" with the peak torque loadings without significantly affecting reliability. ;o)
Rob Bell

Red wire with balck stripe, going to the radio, or any of the switchgear in the central console.
Will Munns

erm that should have gone somewhere else...
Will Munns

it was the answer to all our dreams and then we woke up!!!

15grand and then 3000ish rebuilds !!

it all falls apart

I suppose a trophy 160 is as close as we are going to get boys and girls

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