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MG MGF Technical - Kangarooing when backing off

Hi ,

I'm normally resident on the Elise board but could do with some help from you guy's.

My brother has a 2000 F VVC with a K&N and Sports Exhaust fitted, recently though when backing off in most gears from about 4-5K rpm the car kangroo's quite eratically.

We have tried different petrol and Rover are suggesting the aftermarket mods are causing the problem. Personally I think this is toss as I have the same set up on my 111S ie K&N + Sports Ex, and have suffered no problems at all.

I posed the question on the Elise Tech board and they floated the possibilty of an iffy IACV. I haven't pursued this route yet and my bro is reluctant to remove the mods if this is the case.

Have any of you suffered a similar problem, is this an MGF TADTS? Any clues from here?

I think it's fuel/ignition related, but don't know where to go from here.

Any help would be gratefully received.

simon m


I've got a 2000 VVC with pretty much the same set up and never had a problem, in actual fact the car is lot smoother, on acceleration and deceleration, and sweeter since adding the extra breathing of K&N and exhaust.

It sounds like it could a fuel delivery problem, but I can't remember anything like this on the board in the last two years or so, but there are better experts out there than me who will probably be able to give some idea.

Mind you its the same set up that a lot of Elises are running, as you mention and this isn't something that they suffer from. Its the first thing I'll put on when I change over next spring.



This thread was discussed on 19/11/2002

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