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MG MGF Technical - Key mod. For those who have already everything

Hi all,
I thought I know already all the funny and semi-serious modifications to the MGF/TF.

No, I was tough better today.
There's another really very important !!


(P/N for empty blipper case still to be confirmed)
Another quest is for the spelling on a *spare key maker*. I wrote 'locksmith' but this is for sure more historic ? ;)
Meaned is a tiny workshop where you can get a spare key (copy of existing key).

PS each correction on the quick made english translation appreciated.
Dieter K.

Dieter 'Locksmith' is fine but you could just say 'key cutter'.

A locksmith is a skilled person who can carry out all sorts of work whilst a key cutter is - just that.

Ted Newman

Dieter, looks like a good modification to make but ... would you be better employed decorating the house :-)
John Ponting

Like it a lot Dieter, I too get annoyed at the amount of extra pocket room you need. Looks like I know what I'll be doing this weekend now.......


Dieter, just another litle correction.

Whoops, let's try again...

Dieter, just another little correction...

>Use 2-component epoxy adhesive and a small spanner to glue the key into the lower blipper case.

I think that should be clamp, not spanner.

Great idea - I might try with my ZS key.



I love this mod - nice work Dieter!!! :o)

Decorating going that well eh? ;o) LOL
Rob Bell

Nice idea. Not sure I have the patience to do it though.

I was under the impression that the hinged key (which is a carry over from BL? ARG RG) was first introduced as a safety measure. It has 2 functions :

1) when in the pocket, it flexes to prevent it stabbing you,
2) If the lock is frozen or jammed, the hinge will break before the key. This way you can still remove the undamaged key and not require a new key or lock.

I like the octagonal shape as well which is a nice touch.
David Mills

>2) If the lock is frozen or jammed, the hinge will break before the key. This way you can still remove the undamaged key and not require a new key or lock

Ah, I wish I'd had one of these keys for my Range Rover! I ended up 40 miles from home with half the key stuck in the ignition lock. Luckily I had a pair of mole grips in the back and was able to get the remains out. Then followed a 2 mile walk into the nearest town to try and find a key cutter (locksmith ;-)) that was still open (it was after 5:30pm by the time I made it to the town). Luckily I managed to find one and they were able to cut a new key from the two parts.


>I love this mod - nice work Dieter!!! :o)
Just to clear it up as it seems confusing, the original implentation and Idea for this mod is from Heiko.

Website :
PDF how-to :

Thank you for the hints on *right* english.
Put it on site already.

>Decorating going that well eh? ;o) LOL

Err, don't mind me !!! ;)
Though, rooms are all painted now (I did one the other six got made by a professional painter. Costs me a *MS Daytona* ;)

However, I'm currently on the IKEA *trip* cause we need some small furniture.
Slogan *Do you live already, or are you still bolting .... ?* ;)
Two cabinets, two chairs, small desk for the kitchen one shelf for the tiny 6 sqr meter workshop with loads of bolts ...

Anyway, I'll do this funny keymod myself ASAP. Much better than painting and IKEA bolt works ;)

>I like the octagonal shape as well which is a nice touch.

I think this key fob was a *give away* at german dealers for of new car buyer. Was sold earlier as well as accessory.
I've myself one in brown leather. Not sure whether it's availaible at any aftermarket supplier.

Anyway, what about the blipper case P/N ?
YWX101010 true or false ?

Dieter K.

I bought a new case a while back Dieter, when the buttons on my old fob wore out. Pretty cheap IIRC. I'll look through my reciepts and see if I can confirm the number for you :o)

BTW - how did Heiko cut such a neat hole in the blipper case for the key? I was looking at it yesterday - it'd be quite hard to do a really good job on this...
Rob Bell

@Rob: I did it using the "Dremel" (small can-do-everything tool), donno if this tool is known to you.

Afterwards I closed the parts which I cut too much of with epoxy. Afterwards you can easily get it even/leveled when workin on it with fine sandpaper.

Interesting to note:
The round transistor (or whatever it is) on Heiko's blipper can't be found on mine, it was easier, I hadn't to watch out and make an additional circle inthe epoxy for it.

For the interested, here's the pic to my blipper :

For comparision Heikos':

I suspect that yours is a later version of the blipper Thierry. Unfortunately, I suspect that mine will be the same as Heiko's :o(

Thanks for the Dremel tip. I have the Black and Decker version :o)
Rob Bell

3TXA, 3TXB and 3TX?(mgtf) PC-board design is different.

Heiko's and I think the most earlier blippers before 2002 have 3TXA or 3TXB with big crystal inside.

So IMO all MGF including Trophy need the hard cut-works.

@ Thierry, I read 5337-37530 on yours, is it ?

Dieter K.

@Dieter : 5387-3753D (not 0 but D), it's an Lucas 3TXD

@Dieter :

Thank You. Now missing a 3TXC PCB picture to filling the gap.

Anyway, the Electronics buyer says:
They save costs with the part by app. 40%. Only single side SMT assembled, cheaper crystal, high IC instead of individual parts. I think materials are about 2 EURO.

Dieter K.

Dieter - the part number for the case:

"Transmitter-B/A" - part number: YWX 101010 costs 1.64 + VAT (or did, when I bought my replacement in July of last year)

Surprisingly, mine came with a PCB inside it: I think I was given this in error! ;o)
Rob Bell

>mine came with a PCB inside it

LOL ;)
I think I'll try such order. Even it isn't listed in the Caterpillar files from what I found :(
There's a dealer near my new home. It's in Fulda. Time to visit them so they can get to know Mr. MoD
I'll not tell them but let them have a search.

Dieter K.

Sadly it didn't come with a PCB, was a stock item though!
Will Munns

>>> YWX 101010 <<<
Is known by me as the replacement for plastic casing and the two buttons.

>>> Lucas 3TXD <<<
Nice one... the search for an owner with a 3TXC is open. Any idea how the 3TXD is performing regarding the distance needed for opening/locking the car ?


>>Any idea how the 3TXD is performing
I had an 1996 mpi and the 3TXD on the trophy. Well I don't think it performs better, to my believe the antenna is more important. (I front of the gear selecotor, yellow cable)

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