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MG MGF Technical - KH Splitter Ground Clearance

Ultimate MG suggests:

Pros: Very reasonable cost. Does not reduce ground clearance...

Cons: ...but does become troublesome with steep approach angles

It's terrible here for speed humps and dodgy roads, would I be better off forgetting the idea?

Cheers, Russ.
R D Mellor

Are you discounting the Trophy splitter on the grounds of clearance? Unless you're running the ride height abnormally low, you shouldn't have a problem, mine has only scraped a couple of times and that's at Trophy spec ride height or possibly slightly lower.
Mike Hankin
The KH splitter (especially a carbon style one) can handle quite a bit of scratches, which is more of a problem with the Trophy style splitter.

Russ, usually speed bumps and road 'cushions' don't cause any problem with the KH splitter (we've got loads here too) - but if you've got a low ride height, then sometimes you'll scrap it on the ramps in multistory carparks or Roll-on/Roll-off ferries...
Rob Bell

Thanks Guys,

Yes I'm running low, but not excessively so (345mm front) which is a compromise setting that allows me to clear the local hazards. If the KH was to extend much below the level of bodywork and or tow mounts on the subframe I would have to discount it.

Also, does it preclude putting the vehicle up on car ramps (DIY type etc). Iím not so worried about scratches, rather beating the whole thing off!

Cheers, Russ.
R D Mellor

Not tried it with ramps, but this could potentially be a problem, although the extension forward ahead of the wheels is much less than in the centre of the car (look at the profile).

As mentioned before, these splitters do not extend downwards at all - so on level ground, ground clearance is unaffected.

HTH :o)
Rob Bell

This being the case I might be ok, I like the look of the splitter and it has a practical purpose. If the fitting is that easy I could even whip it off to clear ramps (if necessary).

Since raising the car to 345 there is only 1 local hazard (speed ramp) that I bang into if taken too fast and this is by bashing the tow hitch on the subframe.

I've tried the car 20 - 25mm lower and I just hit everything!

Thanks, Russ.
R D Mellor

This thread was discussed on 26/10/2005

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