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MG MGF Technical - K&N + tf160 = possible?

Has anyone put a K&N on a tf160 yet? Is it possible? Worth doing bearing in mind it already grumbles rather nicely?

Had the car almost 2 weeks now (437 miles!), cant wait for the running in to be over so I can stop changing gear like a maniac.

Anyone any experience, would appreciate it.


I believe that from the archives this will fit but will not make much of a difference to power as the 160 already uses an improved induction system, an ITG or similar would be better suited as this would offer a genuine improvement, otherwise an alternative panel filter could be advantageous.


I think you are a little awry with the "not make much of a difference to power" because the F VVC became approx 160bhp by adding a K&N. The TF VVC has only become 160bhp by changing the air intake AND updating the exhaust. AFAIK nobody has done any rolling road tests, but I am guessing that you might get 5 or more bhp from the K&N on a TF160. The high speed filter, cooler air and ram effect must help.

I need to check with the insurance company, but I am thinking of fitting my K&N to my TF160 just to see if there is any discernable difference.

I suspect you are right about the ITG being better though.
David Mills

Trouble is david, we don't know, because we haven't done the rolling road comparisons.

I think we'll need to arrange a rolling road session some time soon to thrash out these questions (we were talking about this some while back weren't we?)
Rob Bell

Yeh yeh yeh yeh! :-)

K+N 57i is worth up to 15 bhp on a stock VVC.

TF160 has uprated exhaust (probably only 1 or 2 bhp though, standard exhaust we proved to be very efficient, the best aftermarket item only giving +5bhp and this is a system that doesn't have to be compromised by noise regulations)

Also TF160 has an uprated air intake, this is where the majority of the gains come from, basically it does away with the torturous route for the air intake and the resonance box, making the air filter act like an ITG or PiperViper, ie an enclosed air box with a cold air intake. Only benefits of a K+N would be a more efficient gilter medium and a slightly colder air pick up with some ram air effect. Where the K+N scores over the standard set up it looses by not being enclosed in a cold air induction chamber.

I think you will probably get a better result by using a K+N panel filter element as you gain the efficient filter medium within the substantially re-worked MGR enclosure. May also get some benefits by rigging up an underbody cold air induction hose and routing it up the back boot/engine bay dividing wall straight into the filter box. This would be a cheaper alternative to a standard 57i, but of course you are unlikely to get the nice induction roar of the cone filter. :-)


K&N don't do a panel filter for the TF160 according to Lesley at Kinnor, otherwise I would have bought one already.

I follow your argument SF, but maybe it is the delivery of that power that improves with the K&N. I certainly felt my VVC without K&N was sluggish, but with K&N had more get up and go than my TF160. I still fancy fitting it and seeing what happens. Plus of course that noise big grin.
David Mills

I'm with you David - go for it. The only way to know for sure whether something will work or not is to actually try it in the car!

Personally, I think there will be a gain - although I doubt that it'll be quite in the same ball park as the gain we saw on Paul Sharpe's MGF VVC.

Let us know how you get on (and BTW, I am pretty sure that a standard MGF panel will fit the TF160 - I have one we can try out at a Luton meet if you are interested?)
Rob Bell

<and BTW, I am pretty sure that a standard MGF panel will fit the TF160 >
Rob, the air box is larger on the Trophy/TF the panel filters from earlier cars won't fit.AAMOF Pipercross are making some for me to fit the standard airboxes.

The main reason for fitting a K&N to a TF160 might be a change in the noise. I didn't like the TF low dull throb - much prefer the F+K&N growl.
David Bainbridge

Hi everyone,

Had K&N fitted to my TF160 before slight bump :-(

Definately do it noise wonderfull. Power is sligtly increased and pick up/response is also greatly improved :)

M D Walton

Hi there,

I've just ordered the brand new air filter kit from Mike (Satur) specifically designed for the TF160. This kit is a pipercross evo and is probably one of the few to cope with the 160bhp engine. Pipercross say you can reasonably expect +11bhp form the kit. My TF160 is going through a formal test roll in Paris before and after the fitting of the kit, so I should be in a position to confirm output increase to you in a few weeks.

stephane rousselot

From experience the K series does not really come into it's own until it has covered quite a few miles. Many times it has been reported that a new car feels slugish compared to a car that has done a few miles. So until we have some TF examples that have properly settled in I'm not sure we can make any proper comparison yet.
Tony Escort Driver

>>Rob, the air box is larger on the Trophy/TF the panel filters from earlier cars won't fit.<<

Thanks for that info Mike :o)
Rob Bell


What do you reckon is a reasonable mileage for the engine to properly settle?
Stephane Rousselot

15,000 to 20,000 ish

Scarlet Fever

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