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MG MGF Technical - k&N

Just "cleaned" my k+n filter

had only taken a peek after a service to make sure it was still there, only 30,000 miles but choked up (manuel says clean at 50,000 miles) so got a restoration kit and did the biz

cant beleive the improvement, like somebody has taken the bung out

I don't do anything to advocate more frequent cleaning.

any comments?
Nigel Madagan

Buy an ITG :) ? They advertise with having a much higher dust loadup. And they cost 41 pounds new...., add 10 pounds for a silicone hose and you have a perfect filter-kit.

Makes you wonder about the K&N hype...
D Fleurbaaij

Unfortunatly a good thing about a filter is that it gets dirty. That just says it all.

Regularly clean my K&N cone, guess about 2 times a year.


I agree - the K&N 57i needs cleaning every 10,000miles (if not sooner as Erik suggests) - primarily because those cold air ducts work and project road dust and small debris straight at the filter... Good to know those ducts work - not so good that it leads to rapidly filthy filters!
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 31/12/2003

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