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MG MGF Technical - K&N 3rd induction tube.

Morning all,

I realise that by now everyone is probably sick to death of reading threads about the K&N 57i kit but having fitted mine last night, I thought I would just add something that I haven't read about on here before.

I knew that the kit for the MGF came with 2 Induction tubes which they recommend attaching to the bottom Hydragas pipes, but when I saw that Halfords were selling extendeable aluminium tubes for about a fiver I couldn't resist buying one just in case.

Anyway, bottom line is, I'm pleased to say that after installing the original two tubes in the specified place, I discovered that it was possible to slide one end of the third tube directly into the nearside side vent behind the passenger door with the other end attached to the left of the other two aimed directly at the bottom of the filter!! Result!

My apologies if this has appeared previously on a thread but thought it may interest anyone wanting more cold air for their kit.

I will be taking pictures shortly if anyone is interested?


(P.s. WOW WOW WOW!! What a noise!! :-))
Kris Ford

There isn't any air pressure from this vent, so as the airfilter is not enclosed it should make no diffrence.

Will Munns


Didn't know that! :-(

Think I'll keep it there though, if only to justify all the cuts and bruises on my knuckles!!
Kris Ford

Not sure about this, Will. Tech-Speed recently moved my induction tubes from underneath the car to the nearside vent, as they felt that it offered more power (as well s reduced clogging-up risk). Definitely *felt* a little more pokey... how much of this is autosuggestion and my blind faith in Keith and Gav I don't know.

J Wakeham

Unfortunately Will's right. There is next to no airflow through that grille at speed. Andy, Tom, Paul and I did some tests on a private road at 50mph, with ticker tapes attached to the bodywork and grilles.

The ticker tape, looking at the video footage, didn't move very much at all - and if anything, there was evidence of flow inversion - i.e. air moving OUT from the engine bay rather than into it...

In essence, putting the K&N ducts in this position is sadly as good as useless. :o( If you have an enclosed filter system, then this will work better in this location - and better still if you use a Carl-type air scoop on the intake to force air into the intake apperature.

TF is marginally better design than that found on the F, but neither are proper NASCAR ducts.
Rob Bell

The physicist in me had wondered, Rob.

So why the hell have TS moved my intakes? I didn't say anything at the time, but they even removed my Tom Randall bracket :-(

Assume the performance increase I noted afterward was more to do with the service, then.

J Wakeham

I was actually wondering about the Carl-type intake?

If you're refering to the clear perspex "cover" which I've seen on another website does anyone know how I could get myself one?

Was this a one-off or was it ever put into production?

Many thanks, Kris.
Kris Ford

I don't know Jamie - it certainly looks neater with the pipes going there. :o

Kris, Carl put his DIY instructions onto Dieter's webpage - - it's a one off, but the MG TF 200 HPD has something very similar on its side intakes...
Rob Bell

Isn't a "third" Induction pipe already there? mine is.
I simply left the air intake pipe across the rear cross member in, the pipe that originally went into the air filter, then extended this slightly top and bottom with the same Halfords aluminium tube that fitted perfectly.(Don't know if it makes any difference - don't think so !!)
John Mac

This thread was discussed on 28/09/2005

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