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MG MGF Technical - K & N 57i and oil temp


Can anyone give me some advice?
I fitted my K & N 57i yesterday (sounds lovely) and on the way into work today I noticed that the oil
temp was slightly higher than normal.
Do I need to adjust the cold air tubing or is there something else that I need to-do?

Nothing else has changed just the new air filter.

Thanks in advance,
S Hanstead

Higher oil temp is probably a side effect of your enjoying the new engine note Steve! LOL

Keep an eye on it, but there isn't anything you've done wrong (although it may be worth just quickyly checking that the cool air pipes are all correctly positioned?
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob,

It was your instructions that I followed to fit it and it sounds lovely :)

It seems to be during motorway driving and the temp creeps up to the second line (well slightly to the higher side of the line)
but when I am driving normally it seems to be fine.

I went and had a look at it about 10 mins ago and the pipes have moved slightly so that they are pointing towards the side of the car a bit.

I will adjust these when I get chance and make sure they don't move from where I put them :)

Thanks again Rob, for putting my mind at rest and for the easy to follow instructions.

S Hanstead

no problem Steve. If you're having problems with the hoses, then one of Tom Randell's brackets ought to do the job nicely :o)
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,

How much is one of Tom Randell's brackets and where can I get one if I need to?

S Hanstead


Brackets cost 12 inc P&P email for more info.

Tom Randell

This thread was discussed on 08/03/2004

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