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MG MGF Technical - K&N 57i Kit Generation II

Ahheemm, did you know that it can be ordered already in Germany ?

A piece of temperature shield added, surly a new price ... and

my godness the whole story starts for new ;-)

PS I vote for an extra airfilter subject at thi BBS ;-))LOL

looks good. Should maybe give a slight power/torque difference.
But still not the fully enclosed K&N some are thinking about (performance airbox).


Dieter, this looks like a development for a front engined car with a down draft air intake. This isn't what a 57i-2 kit would look like on an MGF.

I wonder if Lesley would be able to enlighten us?

Robert Bell

Hi Rob,
click a little round there and explore the site from their home link. The above link is only the entrance to the 3rd generation.

'New' issues for the MGF kit is that rubber hoses (or what) are much cooler then metal pipes...
Had not Pipercross a welded aluminum metal pipe ? Moto-Concept has it.

Anyway, I'm sure that Lesley will enlighten it.

PS. some germans ask already for the 3rd generation .. 'filter on the rocks' with automatic ice changer ;-)

Rob, its on the bottom of that side.

1) - Waschbarer und wiederverwendbarer 360 ° K&N-Luftfilter

[Yep, I know..

2) - Isolierte Kühlluft-Kammer mit 360° K&N-Luftfilter für 26 % mehr Luftdurchsatz gegenüber herkömmlichen Luftkammern und Abschirmung von der Motorwärme - dadurch wird kältere sauerstoffreichere Luft angesaugt

isolated cold air chamber ... for 26 percent increased airflow ... [yes, yes I know] ... and protection from enginine heat..
[thats new :)]

3) - Hitzebeständige Materialen halten die Luft im Rohr kühler als Metallrohre.
- Trichter für höhere Luftströmungsgeschwindigkeit und gleichmäßigeren Luftstrom.

heat resistant materials [rubber ?] keep the air in pipe cooler the metal pipes..
- bla bla bla


I saw this system before on SEAT Ibiza's and other would-be rally-cars. The additional shield prevents hot air coming from the heated engine-surface, going into the airfilter.
I wouldn't prefer this system fitted on my F, because every amount of cold air coming in the engine bay and reaching the engine (instead of entering the engine through the airfilter) is welcome. Creating two compartments one with the engine and really hot air and another with the airfilter sucking cold air isn't a good idea IMO.


Dieter, this is interesting- but still not the total enclosure that I had in mind.

I'll drop Lesley an e-mail to see what the inside line is.

Good work Dieter!

Robert Bell

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