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MG MGF Technical - K&N air filter

what does K&N air filter do. how does it enhance the F. where can i get it and how much?
hank teekaveerakit

Too much information to type out on here hank, try Rob's air filter pages at this address:

>> <<

Hope this helps. :-)

Scarlet Fever

They are just fantstic. There is a wonderful induction noise and they will give you upto 8bhp more. They come in two flavours a panel filter for your existing airbox (less noisy) and a cone filter which many of us have, this comes as a kit including some pipes to duct air from under the car to where the filter is.

There are several other varieties, ITG and PiperCross Viper, both a little expensive, but both companies make cheaper alternatives if you're interested. Have a look at Mike Satur's site for the different options
tim woolcott

Hi SF,

Did check into the site --- great and insightfull infor. need to get one really soon.

hank teekaveerakit

Hi Tim,

which one should i get - the cone or panel filter. all i know is that i will have my mg dealer (bkk, thailand) does the job forme.

how about the sound you mentioned. which one is more ears pleasing.

hank teekaveerakit

Hank ,check your mail,Dave
DC Morris

hi dave,

just checked, many thanks. have look into the site you gave me. i am now ready to go.

hank teekaveerakit

Check with your insurance company first , fitting a K&N may cost you an extra 20% premium! The long pipes to pick up cold dense air seem rather Heath Robinson.
rw cattermole

This thread was discussed on 12/05/2003

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