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MG MGF Technical - K+N Air Filter Invalidates Warranty ?

I have recently purchased a K+N 57i for my 2000 MY VVC but the dealer I bought the car new from has indicated that his would invalidate my warranty (of which I still have a year and a half to go) is this the standard line taken by all MGF dealers ?

No, it depends on your dealer. Some will take a much fairer approach and it will only invalidate the warranty if a failure occurs because of the filter. I've got a K&N, MS Daytona Exhaust System, EBC Turbo grooved brakes and a modified brake pedal and I still get things done under warranty. My garage is paying 50% of cost of Cat even though MGR Warranty said no. HT leads failured and caused it, which were replaced under warranty.

Talk to a few dealers and see what they say.

Definately worth fitting though, it makes a huge difference




As DJ said it depends on your dealer. I have K&N,EBC Turbo grooved brakes, a modified brake pedal, painted headlights, different seats etc and have no trouble in getting warranty work done. Last time the MGR Engineer had to visit to authorise the work and still no problems.

Neil Stothert

my dealer ordered and fitted mine for me and said no problems with warranty

I thought it was illegal for them to refuse a warantee claim if your mod was not directly responsible?


There's normally a clause which is open to interpretation which states that the car must not have been modified from manufacturers specification. Like any Terms and Conditions how watertight they are depends on the judge, if it ends up in court. In court a jusge could say that they are entitled to stick to the letter of their Ts and Cs.

When in doubt though a dealer will probably shy away from going on the record and cover their own ar*es by saying its not covered, just in case MGR say no. A sensible dealer won't even tell MGR if the car is modified unless they suspect it caused the failure ie Chipping.


My dealer fitted mine for me and said it wouldn't invalidate the warranty. They said they had authority from MG Rover to fit K&N's but that MG Rover would not put this in writing to them.

The original dealer I used to use locally said it would invalidate the warranty and all that a K&N would do is make the engine run rougher!!

All seems to depend on your dealer ...


This thread was discussed on 01/08/2002

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