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MG MGF Technical - K & N air pipes

My mate fitted the K&N a few days ago and I gotta agree the sound is soooo sweet! I was just reading further and checked a few pics of the air hoses and people have them pointing forward and under a bit...

Checked mine and they are pointing straight down - is this bad? will it cause poorer performance or any trouble?


The pipes need o be pointed forwards because the cold air will only go up the pipes if it is pushed in by the speed of the car at the lower end.

Will Munns

>is this bad?
not bad but...

>will it cause poorer performance

>or any trouble?
No, the air will just be warmer giving you less BHP gains
Will Munns


I still have a few brackets left (used my mainy BBS)for holding the air pipes in place.

Cost inc P&P 10.

Email me for more info.

Tom Randell

TR bracket worth every penny. Fit and forget. As i am replacing my F with a TF I have just removed my K&N, and the pipes hadn't moved a bit.
David Mills

Tom, I will be sending my cheque to you soon as your bracket looks as though it will do a top job!

The bracket makes the whole thing a lot easier to fit, which is the main advantage!
David Bainbridge

Make your own bracket.
Buy one piece of perforated steel strip(sold where they sell and fit car radio's ect. Bend to form a "u" shaped section screw or rivet this to the spot welded flange on the floor pan just ahead of the rear subframe. sit the pipe ends in the channel and fix with two self tapping screws.


What happens if you hit an object with the bracket does a it bend or pull the screws out the car causing damage to floor pan?

Tom Randell

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