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MG MGF Technical - K & N air tube bracket pictures anyone?


So I've got my K&N kit sitting next to me and would like to see what the famous Air tube support bracket looks like.

Anyone got a couple of pictures? I've tried Rob Bell's website but the link doesn't seem to be working.




(1 HGF, 1 Duff brake light switch, Internal swimming pool from leaking heater intake box, window stops changed before they broke, just SRS light to sort out)
Russ Fitz

No picture BUT it is a simple little box section with a tail that slips over the rear chassis/sub frame cross member, the tubes sit in the box section and the whole thing is secured using a cable tie for the tail-to-cross member and for the pipes-to-box section.

It isn't essential but it does make a nice neat job and keeps the pipes in the best position.

Ted Newman


Ok cheers Ted thanks for the info.

Russ Fitz

try this and click on the links for pictures

Thanks Tony

Russ Fitz

Isnt there any way of mounting on the bonnet - big air intake - then keeping the filter box and creating a pressurised air intake - same as RAM air on bikes - nice hp gains to be had!

well i can dream cant i ??


Email me and I will send a picture and details of how to order one.

Tom Randell

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