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MG MGF Technical - K&N and eBay

I (stupidly) bought a K&N kit on eBay, and there was only one cold air hose in the box. Does anyone know where a second hose can be bought? Or has anyone used an alternative, I was thinking along the lines of flexible boiler flue, perhaps something with a rectangular profile, that would still fit neatly into one of Mr. Randell's brackets.

All advice gratefully received.

Graham Martin

I'm sorry you had a bad experience off Ebay. My K&N came from there and was boxed perfect, everything as it should be.

Was it from a dealer or a private buyer and did they state there was only one cold air pipe in there? If they didn't, then that's a swizz really - have you not taken it up with them and either asked for the other pipe or asked for your money back?!!

Fiona :-<>

Does the kit for the TF not only have one cold air pipe?
David Clelland

It was a private seller and is currently under dispute and it is the first problem I have had on eBay. Have asked for a partial refund, but want to know what to spend it on
Graham Martin

You can certainly buy cold air induction tubing from Halfords (Chavspeed range), so you can probably get it from cheaper places too. IIRC 12/m or so

I purchased a used k&n induction kit from ebay. I thought i was just bidding on the cone and adapter but when i won (25.00) it came with the induction pipes and a bracket which holds them in place at the bottom. BARGAIN. Anyway enough of me rambling on YES you can get the cold air feed from Halfords, not sure about price though.

Thanks Paul, I guess with eBay, some you win and some you lose!

Would the Halfords ones be the silver Ripspeed things? Goes against the grain to walk into that part of the shop, might pay someone to buy them for me!

As always, thanks everyone for the comments and advice... will now go and find a chav to go shopping for me... I'll just flag down this passing Clio..!
Graham Martin
Try these but i still bet halfords are cheaper

Eeeeekk!! 49.95!!! Halfords it is, 7.95 there.

Graham Martin

Ok, so now it's fitted and I can hear what all the fuss is about! Never dreamt I would ever cross over to the darkside, but beginning to understand the appeal.

Next question..... Just how does it do the noise thing?!
Graham Martin

It sucks !...........

He he he - induction roar - what an addictive sound Eh ?!!!

Enjoy . . .

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