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MG MGF Technical - K&N and emissions.

Just fitted a K&N the other day. Interesting sound it makes...

I wondered, as the MOT is coming up, will it get through the emissions test with a K&N?
Chris Heinrich Perkins

I've got the K&N induction kit fitted to my mgf and it went straight through the mot. Don't know about the regulations over there but they can't be that different.
P Allcock

That's great news.

It's British registered and I'll be driving it back for the MOT.

(it wouldn't get through a German 'MOT' because the filter is not a originally factory fitted item, and my tyres are also not the original size either :-S)
Chris Heinrich Perkins

As long as you have the same size tyres all around e.g. 16" and the same dimensions on either the front or back e.g. front 195/55 back 205/40 then no problems as far as I know
Chris Glen

German TUV is a lot stricter than the UK MOT - any parts fitted must be 'type approved' for that car!
Ted Newman

Yes, Type Approval (ABE = Allgeneine Betriebserlaubnis) or individual release.
A Type Approval for the K&N Kit existed from Austria for the MGF. (Available only when bought the kit from new at a German or Austrian K&N Distributor)
Unfortunately?? ;) this approval lost validity recently cause of changed EC rules and lack of interest from the Distributors to re-new it.

However, I never understood why people here bothered with the DE MOT and K&N Filters.
Why ?
There is no reason at the standard TUEV test to open the engine bay and let them see the air filter, unless someone talkes about it.

Btw. I've been at the TUEV (MOT) two weeks ago for the 2 years test, emmission etc ... with TT MK2 installed.
LOL... TT MK2 owners could imagine what happens at the emmission test when they need to rev up the engine ?
Anyway, passed the test without any problem, but the guys did some laps on the TUEV site ... they never before did so.

<A Type Approval for the K&N Kit existed from Austria for the MGF. >

So Herr Dieter the Kingdom of Germany still seeks permission from the Austrian Empire :-)
Ted Newman

LOL !! :)
Mate, _me_ never had a K&N kit in my car

No needs, no permission :)

The K&N fitting instructions say that the 'resonator' box should stay where it is....I wasn't exactly sure what the resonator box was??

I removed the old filter and the complete casing (top and bottom bits) as well at the whole tube assembly that comes out of the bottom of the filter case and ends around the exhaust...Was that right?

All I have now is the K&N, new inlet tube, and the 2 big new hoses going down to the underside.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

Resonator Box is MGF MK1 only.

btw. you missed the incredible Tom Randall K&N bracket to attach the both big air hoses below the car !!

Ah, right, that's why it didn't make sense!

I'll have a google for the Tom Randall bracket, unless you see this and post a link first...
Chris Heinrich Perkins

On the original post...

I have a K&N panel filter in the original air box with a rerouted intake pipe.

I took the pipe from the other end of the resonator box and plugged directly into the air box - the other end is strapped inside the passenger side air intake on the side of the car.

Not quite the same set up, but quoting the MOT guy - "the air is coming out of the engine cleaner than it went in".

I think your set up should pass fine - the K series engine has plenty of methods for dealing with extra air...
m j kennedy

The bracket Dieter mentioned is available from me in the UK or nearer home in belgium from Erik Baekelant.

Email for more info.

Tom Randell

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