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MG MGF Technical - k&n APPOLLO FILTER...

Has anyone seen the new K&N appollo closed filter, there are some on ebay, universal fitting, is this what everyone is after?? I seem to remember a thread on ROB Bell thinking of making some kind of shield to keep the engine heat off the cone. i would presume that as they have a full cover over the cone,there must be a pipe which enters the cover , the other end could be feed down the air intake duct, then a lovely supply of cold air!!, am i correct or is it not this simple. mel..
m e johnson

Dont know about the Apollo Mel!....... but I want this one to match my exhaust.......



Looks FANTASTIC MARK ,seeing as a took your advice about the B F exhaust, this looks excellant. Have you got a price yet?? The one i,ve seen k&n, is at waxacar near us.I have yet to get a direct price from them. I presume this b f one is just the canister and not the cone filter as well. Will make some good conversation at the next meet,i,ll see what prices i can get, cheers mel.
m e johnson

Mel, I've enclose my K&N in an old Rover 820 airbox - so it sounds similar to what you are describing with respect to the 'Apollo'.

Is there a link anywhere?
Rob Bell

Looks nice, but the material (stainless steel apparently) conducts heat much more than carbon fibre or plastic...

Here's a picture of a K&N Apollo on a Focus ST :


Have no idea if the Blueflame is any good!,or what it costs (Doubtless expensive)....... and as Rob says, you would get the same benefit from enclosing a cone filter, or even fitting the extra air intake to your original airbox along with a K+N panel(This is what I have done).....

But the Blueflame would look good every time you opened your boot!! ;O)

Meet is same place/time next Thursday(8th)

Thanks all, this is the next upgrade i,m after doing. I,m not sure which one yet.I will sound the upgrade out with the next insurance company i go with ( due up in 7 days)the guy at mgf 10 never sent the quote as promised ,dispite filling in the form. Perhaps its on its way ,but i won,t be chasing it up. Will have a look at your site rob to see if you have any pics.cheers ..mel..
m e johnson

Thanks for the pic Fabrice, any thoughts anyone on weather it would be as easy to fit as the k&n which is specific to the mgf ? would you feed the inlet pipe down towards the air intake ducts on the mgf? Sorry to seem thick,but i was all for the k&n on robs web site, complete with instructions ( cheers ),but this would solve the hot air issue so i think this may be the one for me.With it being a universal item i don,t want to buy one if it is not going to fit. Last thought ,would you still get the induction noise when it is enclosed,.......thanks mel...
m e johnson

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