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MG MGF Technical - K&N cone filter reference

Hi BBSers !

I am planning to build an airbox like Rob's one (I only have the 820 airbox for now), and since my K&N 57i kit is 4.5 years old, I want to buy a new cone, but don't want a whole new 57i kit.

Does somody knows the reference of the K&N cone filter alone, as found in the 57i induction kit ?

As it perfectly fits inside the 820 airbox, I want exactly the same...




Why not buy the cleaning kit. From memory is is only around 10 UKP of 16 euro. The filter is suppposed to last for every it you clean it!

Cheers and Happy Christmas

Patrick Beet

I've already got it, Patrick.
I can't imagine how my filter would be after 4 years without cleaning ;o)
It's just that I'd prefer a brand new filter...

Best wishes !

still me !

maybe for Rob, this time...

I was wondering why not to use a K&N replacement filter for the Rover 820, instead of putting a cone filter inside...
It's a like the panel filter in the original airbox (and rerouted to side air intake)
I suppose the airflow wouldn't be worse. what's the advantage of the cone filter ?
Has anybody tried it ?



As far as i am aware, no one has tried our suggestion on an MGF. That doesn't mean that no one has tried it on, for example, a Rover 820! :-)

Rob was pretty much a pioneer with this mod on the F, i suspect the Lotus Elise guys have done something similar by now, maybe it is a good idea to ask them?


Fabrice, why not try the K&N element for the 820 airbox? The primary reason why I didn't was because I obviously already had a K&N cone that would be going spare! LOL

The cost should be reasonable, I'd have thought. Panels usually cost circa 20 quid, so the Rover element should be in the region of 30 quid I'd have throught. Contact Lesley at

One thing to note though, Fabrice. The airbox outlet is somewhat larger than the outer diameter of the TB. I think the former was 80mm whilst the TB diameter is 70mm - so you'll need to source some 80-70mm reducing pipe. There's some listed on this site: at resaonable cost :o)

Check the dimentions before ordering though!!!

Just been going through all the RR data collected from Emerald. Comparing it to the ITG Maxogen, they're pretty much identical in performance, up to 4,300 rpm, where after, the ITG has a couple of bhp advantage. Not a bad effort for a kit that cost just few quid!!! :o)
Rob Bell

By coincedence ;)
Have the catalogue pages from 99 still online...
Section nearly on the bottom *Katalog_99*.

Mate, how is the engine repair going on ?
Haven't seen anything from you since month.

And Where in heaven did you find the 820 box ?
(Still after one)


Dieter K.

Hi Rob
Yes, you're right re. the diameters. Nice hoses on Radles website, there seems to be a 80-70mmm reducer at 11.5 GBP. But I think I'll use my cone filter in the end...
I was just wondering how the 2 types would compare in terms of performance.
BTW, how does the 820 airbox + K&N performs vs the 57i kit ?? Power - torque / revs ?
And, in your opinion, why does the ITG maxogen produce more bhp's ?
Do you think it would be worth considering keeping the induction hoses from the 57i kit and connecting them in some way to the main hose (from lh side air intake to airbox) ? In order to benefit from ram-air effect...

Hi Dieter !
Thanks for the link, but these are straight round filters...
The main issues for the filter to fit in the 820 airbox are the flange outer diameter and the filter length (and maybe the top diameter)... It's a bit tricky to order the good part !
The head gasket (+ water pump & cambelt) replacement is done for ages ! It took me 2-3 weeks with sometimes the help of a mechanic... Touch wood, i haven't had problems so far.
I got my 820 airbox from a Rover breaker and 2nd hand garage. I was very lucky, it was the first one I phoned ;o) Though I paid it 25 EUR...


and best wishes to both of you and Rosi & Yimmy ;o)

Fabrice , i'm working on the same "project" , the 820 airbox...
maybe we could help each others to find some parts , and/or some advices...???
so , can you give me your e-mail??


Sure Benjamin !
my email is (remove "NOSPAM")

I bought some 80 mm flexible plastic hose (1 meter long) to connect the airbox to the side air vent. It was in a plastic specialist store.
I also saw there some Y or "double Y" (if you know what I mean) PVC connections (plumber's devices) with 80mm outer diam and various angles. These should be fine to connect the K&N 57i induction tubes to the new main hose. I will investigate soon.
Now, I still got to find a flexible tube (70 mm inner diam) to connect the filter to the throttle body.

I hope I'll finish the whole thing in 2 weeks.



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