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MG MGF Technical - K&N Easy to fit????

Does anyone have instructions on how to fit the K&N Induction kit??? Are they easy to fit?

Many Thanks

Carl Fairhurst

Dead easy to fit and their are instructions with the filter.

Only biggy is do not overtighted the filter onto the throttle body.

Going very slowly and carefully, difficult to see the whole operation taking more than 30-40 minutes.


Patrick Beet

There is a nice fixing bracket which can be useful to fix the bottom end of the air ducting pipes. It's a simple thing made by one of the guys on this board I think. I can't rememer his name but somwone else will have the info.

It really is pretty straight forward. Nice to have a second pair of hands available to pass the pipe though the engine bay though.

As Patrick says about 35mins and minimal tool kit required. The hardest bit is getting the old air box out but a bit of brute force and ignorance wins the day in the end.

tim woolcott

Fixing bracket from Tom Randell - but he's on hols in France right now. Email me if you want his email addy.


I've got one of tom's brackets lying around going spare if anyone's interested

As the guys say - pretty easy. Some instructions for you to browse before purchase...

K&N: it's Grrrreeeaaaat! :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Gents, Im hoping to either get it fitted this saturday or do it myself!?!?!?

Cant wait for that Roar!!!

Carl Fairhurst

DIY Carl! :o)
Rob Bell

yep Carl its easy and im'e no mechanic,and you will smile :>) Dave T6 DCM
david morris

I am about to service my mpi,
plugs, leads, fuel filter... all the basics.

Very tempted to add a k&n whilst i have access to the engine bay.

But, is it true the car will have less power under certain conditions, like when in city centres / very hot, despite the air ducting pipes.

Also is it worthwhile fitting the 52mm TB?

Many thanks,


>fuel filter
I think the fuel filter only needs changing every 50k miles
Will Munns

No way, change it every 2 years - better fuel economy / performance / cleaner fuel mix...

anyway its done 48,000 miles and is due the big service with cambelt etc
But it had HGF in Feb. 2002, and they changed the cambelt then.
So if I change plugs / leads / f. filter I can just book it in for the 24k service, and save enough to buy some mods : )


>No way, change it every 2 years
Fairy nuff, your money - your choice.

>24k service, and save enough to buy some mods
your money - your choice ;-) ... errm what is the need of the '24k' service if your doing plugs / leads / cap / arm / airfilter / Oil [filter] etc?
are the breaks due for a bleed?
Will Munns

I agree but they insist on a nice MG stamp, but cant afford a 5 year service.
So I wont change the oil or oil filter and she can pay mg 200 to change it and kick the tyres.

PS I am assuming they dont change the plugs on a 24k service. If they do, will she need a 12k service.

I understand why she is trying save money, since HGF cost 4 figures to repair :(



Also some instructions with photo's in the MGF/TF FAQ...

Also home of the F'ers Gallery and MG Dealer Guide. :)
Paul Lathwell

plugs are a five year item, water might be a two year item (and i'm guessing you don't need the water changing again!)
Will Munns

One piece of advice:
check that the K&N kit has all the bits before you start. Mine had only one of the three jubilee clips and by the time I discovered this I didn't have a usable car for getting replacements...

Also you might need some extra cable ties. The long ones in the kit aren't always long enough to go round the air ducts.
John Pickup

Well lads K&N fittted and roaring like a lion :)

Thanks to Paul Harrison and the Guys at Syd Browns in Longridge!!!


(Grinning like a cheshire cat!!!)
Carl Fairhurst

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