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MG MGF Technical - K&N falling off

My K&N tubing keeps coming away from the plastic throttle body >:o(

I don't want to overtighten the jubilee clip and distort the TB, but even tightening it to a decent degree won't keep it on. Haven't heard of this on the board before - anyone got any advice/solutions?

Jim Hosking

Please specify which kit you are speaking off, as there were two different hoses for me.

Kn57 TF kit or
Kn57 F kit

>My K&N tubing keeps coming away from the plastic
>throttle body >:o(

Mine too, but I think it was slapping the engine against the body as I tried to pull it out of the car that did it.

I would use silicone sealent on the join, then let it set, otherwise I would use electrical tape, wraped a couple of times around the throttle body neck, the hose will grip the smooth side of the tape better and the sticky side should grip against the plastic.

Will Munns


The throttle body is a lot stronger than many people give it credit for.

Use a jubilee clip with a screwdriver slot and tighten it with a largish driver until it it taking a fair amount of force to turn, this should do the trick, it works for me and I have not had the K&N fall off yet AND it has been on 5 years.


Dont all TFs now have an ally TB?

Ted Newman

Donīt use silicone compounds /sprays in or around the inlet, as silicone also in very small amounts will kill the O2 sensor and even the cat when passing thru the system.

BR, Carl.
Carl Blom

Really? what are you ment to lube the inlet manifold gasket with?
Will Munns


Inlet Manifold Gasket Lube?

Ted Newman

I guess I'll just run the engine up to temp for a while before sticking the exaust on, cheers for the heads up!
Will Munns


<<Use a jubilee clip with a screwdriver slot and tighten it with a largish driver >>

Wasn't the original use of a metal clip that caused the plastic throttle bodies to distort and stick? I know that Rover changed my throttle body 5 times before they twigged that the clip was distorting the orifice and making the butterfly valve stick. They switched to a tyewrap to hold the gaiter in place and had no further trouble. I later switched to a metal bodied TB as well (48mm) to ensure that it didn't stick again.

Bruce Caldwell

Jubilee clips will almost certainly distort a plastic throttle body if over tightened. HOWEVER very fortunately, the rubber tube that is supplied with the K&N is so stiff that it is very difficult to cause problems with the throttle body in practice - at least with the K&N kit (not necessarily with others).

Best advice is to tighten the jubilee clip so that gentle rocking of the filter back and forth does not work the filter free of the TB.

hope this helps Jim :o)
Rob Bell

When I say use a screwdriver I mean do not use a spanner on the nut end as this will almost certainly overtighten the clip - I have not had any problems.

Ted Newman

@Ted : Damn you got me :)

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