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MG MGF Technical - K&N Filter

Stupid question but then; hey i don't know. What is a K&N Filter? I hear about it all time from everyone here, saying how it improves the 1.8i. Can someone please tell me what it is and can I get one in Germany?

Adrian & Bucket (HD-K-1256)
Adrian Ferrer

It is an air filter. K&N are the manufacturers. the type that makes the big improvement is the 57i, which is a cone filter, as apposed to the panel filter that the car comes fitted with. Basically it lets more air in.

I'm sure you would be able to get one mail order from....I've forgotten what they are called, hang on...

nope, forgotten and i just got a panel filter from them (K&N). If you go to the high flow filter thread, about third person down there is a link to a sit ethat will tell you all about filters including where to get them. Its very good, so have a look.
Matt Lawrance

Hey matt thanks for the info. One more question if you don't mind, ( I know us Americans are a pain in the ar*e) If I get this filter installed what will it do to my warrienty?

Adrian & Bucket
Adrian Ferrer

Will there be any inprovment on a 1.8VVC?

Rickard Hammarlund

dyno tests of the K&N 57i filter have shown an extra 8 bhp on the 1.8i and 15 bhp on the VVC. All this for less than 100 GBP ... very good value !

Tjena Rickard!

Kolla in ämnet "High flow Filter" lite längre ner på listan samt följande sajt

Där finns all information du behöver!


...Sorry for this intra-Swedish intermission... ;-)

Adrian, Rick,

I think you can check the archive (there are tons of threads about K&N filters)
You can have a look at
It's worth visiting Rob's MGF technical page too (

(still no K&N)

>>Hey matt thanks for the info. One more question if you don't mind, ( I know us Americans are a pain in the ar*e) If I get this filter installed what will
it do to my warrienty?<<

Hi Adrian

Warranty shouldn't be a problem, however it would be sensible to check with your servicing dealer first. The one area of warranty that will be nullified is claims upon the the throttle body- these may distort if the jubilee clip is overtightened. But this is the only problem that can be foreseen.

No problems with mine over 2 years and many many happy big-grin miles. Go for it.

Rob Bell

Hi Rickard ....if K&N had a dino of 2-4 bhp gain nobody would buy the filter isn´t it?
A friend of mine has a Honda Civic VTI of 160 bhp!
He saw the Supersprint (exhaust manifold + central muffler + final muffler) exhaust with a dino of 34 bhp gain!
He paied around 700£ for it!
He doesn´t go away from my F!
I´ve got a dyno showing only 148.2 bhp in my F!
If Supersprint had a dyno showing only 5-10 hp gain in a 700 £ sport exhaust system nobody would buy it!
About the 15bhp of the K&N would give 160 bhp in the VVC isn´t it?
I think that it wouldn´t give that even with a fan fitted inside!
If you search the web you will find out that to give 160 bhp to the VVC you will need to work not only the air intake but your VVC head too!

Bruno Valadas

Re warranty, my 2nd MGF has just had its 3000 mile service and has a 3 year warranty. I asked my dealer when I took the car in about fitting a K&N and they said it would certainly have warranty implications during the first year and quite possibly during the second and third years (warranty not as comprehensive as first year). If there were any engine problems MG/Rover could claim that this was caused by the K&N allowing more air in and therefore invalidating my warranty. Has anyone else had this response from their dealer?


Bruno, your views would be valid except for the fact that a number of people on the BBS have done their own dino tests and have shown these increases, as far as i know they aren't manufacturers figures, can somebody confirm this please.

interestingly enough, the independant results for exhausts on the F did show that the power increase was minimal.

I thin it would be a good idea if the people that know put the relevant links to any independant results that are around.
Matt Lawrance

Dealers can be a bit fickle. Last year after installing all the bits on my F, the local dealers were keen to have a test drive and look at what had been done - believe it or not, so that they could offer the conversions to their customers!!, as far as warranty was concerned, their opinion was that the K engine is rugged enough (apart from the HG) to cope with just about any mainstream modifications, with the obvious exception of the supercharger. They were quite laid back about the whole thing and said that they would be happy to carry out any warranty work except on failed replacement parts.


The independent rolling road tests that we performed are found on

I haven't (yet) had time to put the exhaust data up- but as you say Matt, exhausts aren't worth very much in terms of power. Nor are replacement cats/bypass tubes- in fact you get a good deal of bang for your buck with a filter. This is the first mod I would undertake. Without question.

Rob Bell

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