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MG MGF Technical - K&N Filter Ignorance

Excuse my ignorance, but I've seen lots of posts about the K&N air filter kits. I've got a standard 1.8i F, what can it do for me? Where would I get one and what would it cost? Being very mechanically unfamiliar with the F, would I be able to fit it myself? Sorry for the dumb questions!

Hi Richard,

the K&N 57i kit (the one we all rave about) adds a surprising amount to your MG. Not only does it pep up the performance of your 1.8i MGF (throttle response is much better and cleaner, plus better acceleration) thanks to a 8 bhp gain in power, but it also adds a sizeable chunk of character thanks to a fruity induction roar! :o)

For more information on the filter, how to fit, where to buy and rolling road power and torque curves, see

Hope that helps!
Rob Bell


Not a dumb question!

BUT what it does is to 'free up' the breathing of the engine and gives a real WOW of a sound to the engine it allows the car to accelerate more readily and actually increased BHP by about 8.

The unit can be obtained from Kinnor - they have web pages - and comes as a kit for the MGF kit no.57i and does not require any skill to fit.

Best hundred quids worth of extras that I have fitted.

Ted Newman

Just get one!
David Bainbridge

On that advice, my order's in with Kinnor!

Are there any other quick / cheap mods that you really should make to the F?

Would anyone say that the K&N increases the 0-60 on a standard 1.8i which is listed as being 0-60 in 8.5?

the K&N should *decrease* the 0-60 time fractionally due to the small power increase. Probably won't crack the 8 sec barrier though...

I have had mine fitted for about 3 weeks now. I LIKE it. The sound is worth it. But dont just buy it for the roar, the performance is much better. Paul...

I've heard and thought a lot about it, but still remain with the question : could it hurt the engine ? Is another exhaust not a safer alternative to more noise and more power ?

Ivan Meersman

>Sorry for the dumb questions!

The only dumb question is the one that does not get asked. If you don't ask you don't get an answer and then you are no better off. ;)

As for fitting a K&N filter this is a very worthwhile in every respect on the F apart from one - check with your insurance company about fitting it as a mod and also be warned that a high proportion of insurer's will turn you away when you ask for a quote and then go on to tell them about having the K&N. IMO, it's just not worth not mentioning a mod when it comes to insurance - be just your luck to have your insurance invalidated in the event of the accident if the insurer learns of your undeclared modifications. HTH.

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Paul Lathwell

The K&N will not hurt the engine in ANY way at - all it does is allow the engine to breath properly - the standard element is a cheaper version - a compromise to keep production costs down and noise levels

A non standard (sporty) exhaust on the other hand CAN damage the engine as the engine relies on the charateristics of the exhaust to operate properly - resonance, flow, etc etc ( helps valves work correctly, burns off fuel correctly, heat + lots of other things)

If you are considering using a non standard exhaust you should include the cost of re mapping (may require a add on ECU unit) and a rolling road test (dyno test) to ensure the engine is running correctly (200 or so + add ignition unit + add exhaust)

Whilst I am sure that Tony is correct to a degree let me reassure you that as afar as I know none of the available after market exhausts available for the MGF have done any damage - other than to the ownners wallet!

Ted Newman

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