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My K&N filter fell off recently. (Don't laugh)

I assumed that all 57i filters would be same, with various fitting arrangements to suit different vehicles.

Armed with this assumption and knowing I had all the gubbins apart from the filter itself, I ordered the cheapest version I could find, which was for a Vauxhall Vectra.

When it arrived, I realised I had made the wrong assumption.

The diameter of the hole for the hose was bigger than the previous one and it had a 15mm long threaded stud protruding from the centre of the chrome top.

However, I discovered that the filter would fit over the original rubber hose, so I pushed the metal reducing ring all the way into the hose and clamped the filter to it with the jubilee clip.

I also noticed that if the bracket that came with the Vectra kit was bent just a wee bit, it could be secured to the threaded stud at one end and to a nearby bracket holding the petrol filter.

Although this will ensure that the filter cannot fall off again, I have a slight concern that the engine movement may put a strain on the carburettor as the air intake hose movement is now restricted.

What do you folks think???

Sam Murray

Looks like it should be fine, the standard plastic air filter box is located in this position and attached to the same bracket. Dave - Kar-Solutions
David Karle

Good point!

Thanks Dave.
Sam Murray


I might be wrong but I thought that the K&N Filters had a lifetime guarantee. Might be worth having a word with them for a replacement.

Also, when did you fit a carburettor to your car ;-)
David Clelland

Don't think the lifetime guarantee covers me not tightening the jubilee clip properly.


OK....Throttle body, carburettor....splitting hairs.
Sam Murray

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