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MG MGF Technical - K&N high idle ?

Recently I ve fitted a 57i kit, since I have noticed that my idle speed is around 1200 rpm on start up, rather than the usual 850 rpm. Is this a normal 'side effect' of fitting an iduction kit. The idling revrts to 850 rpm after a few minutes driving.

Also I ve fitted Toyo proxies TS-1 all round, I knew they were soft tyres, any one any ideas what kind of milage I would expect from them with pretty normal driving. I heard a wisper 6000 miles a set which is a bit worrying.

THanks for your comments.
Simon B


Did you reset the stepper motor, Turn the ignition to the first position, pump the accelerator slowly 5 times and then turn off. This will let the MEMS recalibrate for the new filter.

Also if you still have a plastic TB you may have deformed the TB by over tightening the large jubilee clip. If the revs drop again I would not have thought this to be the problem.
tim woolcott

Not sure that you have a problem Simon. Cold idle is typically about 1200 rpm, whilst warm idle tends to be in the 750-850 range - which sounds to be what you are seeing with your car?

Regarding Toyos, not had any personal experience with these, but would expect them to last at least 10k miles, if not longer.
Rob Bell

Simon, like you I've noticed that idle revs are slightly higher than they used to be on start up after fitting a 57i kit recently, but as they settle down after a minute or two I wasn't really concerned.

>>Did you reset the stepper motor?<<

Is this standard proceedure after fitting a K&N Tim? I hadn't come across this tip before.

Jim Hosking

This thread was discussed on 07/07/2003

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