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MG MGF Technical - K & N Induction Kit

Hi everyone.

I have just fitted a K&N induction kit to my 1996 MGF 1.8, following the excellent instructions on this website.

However, I have found the the results to be disappointing. The car sounds much the same as it did before, the only difference being a slight 'whooshing' sound when I accelerate. There does seem to be a little bit more power, but overall the results are not what I expected.

I don't think I have made any errors in fitting; the only slight difficulty was that I couldn't get the top ends of the air tubes four inches away from the filter cone. Mine are about six inches away. Could this be a problem?

On another subject, how would you know, when driving the car, whether the suspension bushes were worn to the point of needing to be replaced?

Keith Phillips

>On another subject, how would you know, when driving the car, whether the suspension bushes were worn to the point of needing to be replaced?

The first bushes to go on an F are the lower shock absorber bushes. These are quite easy to see through the spoke of the wheels or by lying on the ground.

If memory serves me right the Rover part number is NAM018. However, no Rover dealer stocks them - I tried every dealer in Kent. Brown & Gammons may have them. I used the PU bush set from Mike Satur.

Here's a picture of the bushes that I took off my '96 F 3 years ago

And a comparison of the old bushes with the PU ones that I replaced them with

The short answer to this question is: on an eight year old sports car that is driven to the limits all the suspension bushes need replacing. See also the other thread regarding powerflex bushes:


The 57i kit usually makes quite a roar on acceleration - so if you're not hearing that, I don't know quite what is wrong? Any other MGFenthusiasts near by you who can have a listen?

A 4" spacing is ideal for the cool air ducts - and ought to be achievable through stretching the ducting and moving the point where the cable ties fix the cool air ducts.

Ralph has got the bush wear issue covered - some more pix here:
Rob Bell

Did the car still have the full original filter in place? If so then Rob's remarks are very true, I just could not beleive the difference it made when I first fitted the K&N - both the noise and the freedom in acceleration, I kept hitting the rev limiter!

Ted Newman

Thanks for your comments everyone.

I believe that all of the original filter components were in place before I removed them (everything was exactly like the photographs shown in the instructions). However, the car did have a nice sound to it before I fitted the induction kit - I was in two minds whether to fit one or not as I quite liked the sound of the engine as it was. I don't know why the car had such a nice sound to it but perhaps this is the reason the induction kit appears not to have made much difference. I can see that with a bit of stretching and movement of the cable ties I can get the ducting closer to the filter so I will try that. The car is certainly more responsive when I hit the accelerator so that's something at least.

Thanks again.
Keith Phillips

Keith, if you have an after-market exhaust system already on the car, then the filter is typically inaudible (drowned out by the 'zorst melody!). What exhaust is fitted to your car?
Rob Bell


Thanks for your reply.

I am fairly certain that I have the original exhaust on the car - it is marked 'Unipart' on the side of the silencer. I have many of the bills going back to the date of original purchase but none of them are for any part of the exhaust system.

Thanks again.
Keith Phillips

If a Unipart exhaust, then you're right - it is original. However, if it is loud enough to cover up the noise of the K&N, I wonder if it is blowing from somewhere? As standard, MGFs are always very quiet - hence the reason for my suspicions.
Rob Bell

Sorry for interrupting your thread but on a similar subject is it possible to modify the existing air filter pipework etc as a starting point before buying an induction kit. My insurance is due very shortly so I'm going to ask about the economy, smooth running and more efficient engine modification (nods as good as a wink to a blind man) when I renew, but I'm eager to have a play about and I thought a couple of lengths of air hoses from Halfords might be worth a go.

Darren, a cold air feed from the standard airbox to the nearside engine air intake is a very effective modification as many folks here have demonstrated in the past. To make the most of it though, you'll need to use a decent replacement panel filter (20).
Rob Bell

Sounds like you have a hole in you exhaust because the difference between a normal air filter and a k&n induction kit is very very noticable!

Yep, the normal air takeup is right in the centre of the engine bay, move to the side vent or under the car and add a k&n pannel filter.

Oh and add 'for life' and 'cleanable' to the list ;-)
Will Munns

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