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MG MGF Technical - K&N Induction Kit - Finally!!

Haleluyah! (think thats how its spelt)

I've finally taken the plunge and bought a K&N for the 2000 VVC, fitting it this weekend, and I've read so much "hype" regarding it, I dont know what to believe!

Any experienced K&N'ers got any top tips??


The only thing I recommend is a bracket to hold the pipes in place.

I'm biased as I make and sell them but it is highly recommended on this BBS.

For pictures Check out pictures on emma's coolant loss thread on MGF general.

Brackets cost 12 inc P&P for uk only.

Tom Randell

Where from??

They look like a good idea

Hi Jimbo,

Just drop Tom an e-mail on the address next to his name and he'll be able to send one to you directly.



I definately recommend Tom's brackets. I have one fitted to my induction pipes, and they keep the pipes pointing forward (essential to direct the air to the K&N). They also help protect the pipes from being pulled off, believe me, it does help. My F doubles as an off-roader from time to time.

Top tip would be - ignore the instructions you get with the kit (they're quite basic) and go to Rob Bell's site. He has comprehensive instructions on how to fit the K&N. I would get the link for you, but you'll have to wait until I get home.

Emma Jackman

Let me do it for you Emma,
Enjoy the K&N, it is manic when you first hear it, just push your right foot a little harder and vroooom.

Cheers Yigit. Jimbo, also try it out in the low revs - around 2000 RPM , sounds fantastic.

Emma Jackman

you forgot the image of *Tom's bracket* at your car.

Jimbo, and don't worry about the dark stain there on the floor. This was a feature with Emma's MGF ... *g*

LOL Dieter, is that going to be Tom's new promotional photo?

Fortunately Envy no longer sports that 'feature'!

Emma Jackman

Hi! My wife very kindly bought me the K&N filter kit
as an additional Christmas present and since it has
been fitted, I have not been able to keep the smile
off my face.

I looked at Rob Bell's site and his instructions are
great for the simple-minded like me, but not being a
very good DIY man (an hour's job tends to take all
day!), I got my local MG garage to do it. Let him
get his knuckles scraped etc. Charged me 50 which
I thought fair and I've got peace of mind that it
has been done properly.

The cost of all this enjoyment is that fuel consumption has gone up, as I tend to let the "f"
linger for longer in the lower gears, so I can hear
that great roar, but still worth it if it keeps me

W.A. Pearson

Job Complete: Oh my word

Why aren't they standard?

Why have I waited so long to fit one?!!!


Yep, thats it now Jimbo!

You're on a one way trip to Darkside-ville!!!

Now all you need is a new exhaust (I strongly recommend a Milltek from Brown & Gammons) and you'll really start going through petrol! :)

Not only do you find yourself revving uncontrollably just for fun of it but tunnels become a necessity on every journey! (And if you find a nice long tunnel, you sometimes feel the need to turn around and have another go straight away, or is that just me??)

I think that's just you Kris! Although I really enjoy my twice-monthly trip through the Dartford Tunnel, I'd be damned if I'm going back to pay another pound to use it twice in one journey! I just make the most of it the first time around. :-)

Emma Jackman (& Green with Envy ~ S369 FAR)
Emma Jackman

This is something I've been toying with for my TF160.

I know one has to notify one's insurer, but how much difference does it make to the premium??

I'm insured through the Lancaster club scheme.


S R Kenyon-Edwards

Hello Emma,

I see you are a regular feature of the MGF forum, and I remember your very own website that you created as a homage to the MG, what was the link?

As I am only 22, and no offence to the other F'ers, but we are relatively young members, I wondered how many more of our age there were out there??

Oh and Simon, it may affect your insurance, but its only minimal. Get one yesterday, thats my advice.

hmmmm, how many more youngsters???

Erm, short answer - most of us! :) :)

27, Jimbo.

Tell the insurers that you have fitted a removable, cleanable air filter to replace the worn out disposable one. It increases fuel efficiency, too. OK, it *might* give power gain, but that's not why you got it. Oh no. It's a fuel efficiency thing, that's all.

Suprisingly, this often works. Alternatively go get insurance with Steve at A-Plan, and discover how disastrous a dark-side addiction can be when you're told that your premium won't go up, regardless of any further mods*!


*bar, IIRC, nitrous... but if you get that far down the line then you're already done for.
J Wakeham

Well for starters the site is: (yes I bought a domain finally!) The F's do seem to attract quite a few 'younger' peeps, but the age range is vast. I find that the average age in late twenties to early thirties. I bought my F when I was 18, and paid a staggering 1700 insurance (Tesco) ouch! The second year I paid 1300 (Adrian Flux). My renewal is due in a couple of months and I'll most probably change to A Plan, as they're Darkside friendly.

Emma Jackman (& Green with Envy ~ S369 FAR)
Emma Jackman

>> Alternatively go get insurance with Steve at A-Plan <<

Steve is very competitive - he's managed a very healthy saving on my insurance re-newal: 120 quid on my previously cheapest insurer! :o)

Been quoted happy indeed!!! :oD
Rob Bell

Yup, A-Plan Steve beat my (Tesco) renewal by 100, and I could indeed do anything except nitrous it (including de-cating which I found interesting) for no premium increase. All downhill from there, really.

Pete, middle aged at 32 it would seem!
P Davey

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