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MG MGF Technical - K&N Induction Pipe Bracket

I have just ordered a K&N57i and from looking on the archives see that there can be a problem with keeping the induction pipes facing forward. A solution to this was to use a bracket manufactured by Tom Randell but it appears he has stopped manufacturing them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the induction pipes facing forward or details so that I can try and make a bracket my self.

Any advice would be much appreciated

i think Tom was/is keeping eye on here to see if still enough interst to start making some more, so lets hope he see's your plee, i think he could sell quite a few now as a lot of us now have them, the plastic strip fasteners tend to move about a bit my pipes at min are pointing downwards oh well!, over to Tom!!
DC Morris


Tom's bracket was made from a strip of 1/2 inch wide stainless steel sheet metal formed into a rectangle to hold the two induction pipes side by side. Another piece, of the same material, is shaped so as to hook onto the subframe of the car under the engine bay, and is rivetted to the bracket.

I am sure someone on the BBS will have a picture or drawings, so you can make one up.

Sam Murray

Cable ties do the trick!!
You've got to tie the two pipes together with them then cable tie them to the brake hoses...........mine hasn't moved in two years now!!

I used cable ties as well but I am a bit 'anti' using brake or hydragas pipes as anchors so I got a couple of extra long ties and used the sub frame cross member to tie to.


Ted Newman

You can of course route them down the side air intake...

Unfortunately the side air intakes do not provide any (or very little) 'ram air' which is what is required to get a good cool charge of air around the the filter.

Ted Newman

I found Tomīs (Randall) bracket very effective in keeping my pipes from getting damaged!


MOT: no probs w/t K&N nor Air ducts, lowering, exhaust Pheeew, one happy man:-)

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