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MG MGF Technical - K&N induction pipe question

Background info:

I have bought a second hand K&N 57i induction kit. It arrived with only one air induction pipe. On all of the web sites that I have looked at (ultimate mg etc) the photos show two induction pipes ty-wrapped together feeding the filter with nice cool air.


The pipe I received with the kit is 60mm in diameter. Is this diameter sufficiently large enough to enable enough air flow to the filter without the need for a second pipe? i.e. should I buy an extra piece of induction pipe for my kit?

TIA for any help.


One pipe only will still work BUT what you want is as much 'cool' air as possible around the filter to maximise the benefits of the K&N so I would suggest that you get an new second pipe.

Ted Newman

OK. I was just wondering if the photos on the web sites were showing induction pipes of smaller diameter than 60mm, hence the need for two and my kit only having one.

I'll get down to Halfords and get an extra pipe then. They're only about 3.

Thanks Ted.

Jodi I managed to get a 2nd hand K&N a few weeks ago courtesy of the BBS. Mine came with 2 pipes and I suppose the more cold air the filter can get the better, but, I would say one will be ample. I have one of mine routed to the side air intake and the other routed under the car and clipped onto the sub/ frame thingy.
I wouldnt swap the noise for anything ;-)
D Jamieson

I think they're supposed to come with two. Mine has 2 and it was second hand. Some on this BBS have experimented with single large bore tubes too. The more cold air you can have around that filter the better. Below the car and pointing forward is the best place for pushing air up the tube, so I'm told.

Get that thing on quickly, as current climatic conditions (cold, cold air and dry, dry roads) are excellent for a K&N'd F.
David Bainbridge

Must have noise, must have noise. Need spare time to fit it, need more time.........Come to the Dark Side Jodi, the force is strong........

The haunt of recurring dreams.

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