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MG MGF Technical - K&N - ins. prem. inc.

Admiral want an extra 70 p.a. if I put on the K&N induction kit.

To those who have them already fitted... it really worth it?

Matt Wood


You'll find that the premium is 70 mostly because you're making a change to the existing policy. Come renewal time it only makes about 10 difference. As for whether it's worth it - I don't regret it! :)

Tim Jenner

HA, I only got charged an extra 50 for _doubling_ the power of my car and fitting diffrent suspension and brakes!
Will Munns

> it really worth it?

Get a K&N Panel Filter.

Junk all the air ducting that comes out the air box and put one cold air duct running straight down and under the car scooping up cold air.

Same benefit (maybe more) . Should be no premium hike.

All depends how you speak to insurance company. Stress it's not a performance mod. I said it was for fuel economy and got it in writing from them!
Bob Millar

Well I double checked and it IS a premium increase of 34 'til renewal in Dec 2004, and not a policy change charge. So I'm forecasting a 70 increase (plus the usual annual increase despite NCB drop) for next yr.

Oh go on then, I just want to hear what it sounds like.

Matt Wood

Any sound files for before and after around? There is a daytona sound file on mike saturs site which is good, anything for the induction of air filters - a bit of a long ask i know...

i can believe insurance hike with Admiral. they wanted 200 extra for my boxer hoops.

Lancaster did my insurance cheaper with no penalty for my mods.

Shop around.

Frank Amey

Try Liverpool Victoria for insurance - they dont charge for many mods.

I work for an insurance company and theres lots of loop holes that you can use so you dont actually have to tell em about mods!

M Frost

Hi M

I would like to know about the loopholes as when I ring regarding Mods it's always been stressed to report everything thats not standard including interior trim.

Come on let us in on it.

Frank Amey

You lot are all lucky buggers, my insurance company, Eaglestar, now Zurich, have gone back on what they told me a few months back and have said I cannot modify the 'F' performance wise in ANY way.

No exhaust, induction kit, etc. I emailed them to complain, for their reason for turning me down was that the underwriters had noticed that I had fitted alloy wheels to my previous car, an Escort.

They were 14" wheels!!!!! I wasn't allowed to go any bigger than the original wheel size!!!

There is no point me changing companies as I have til Nov on this policy, i'm only 21, so age does slightly come into it I 'spose.

It's so annoying!!! (so any free undetectable mods would be great)

For now I'm concentrating on looks, with clear indicators all round, TF flag badges, full leather interior, personal plate.
Ian Hamshaw

>> For now I'm concentrating on looks, with clear indicators all round, TF flag badges, full leather interior, personal plate.

Be careful there also. Technically you should declare cosmetic changes as well, and they might hike the premium due to the car being 'more attractive to thieves'. Sorry =(
Phil Brindley - Leicester


This isn't really the right thread for insurance recommendations (lots of those in the past!) but I was 22 when I bought my VVC - try Elephant or Admiral, they allow mods and don't charge too much for it.

Tim Jenner

All these cosmetic mods and personal plate have been declared!
Ian Hamshaw

Ian - I'm with Zurich and they've let me off (price-hike free) with K&N, disc and pad upgrades, rollhoops, and have told me they won't charge for an exhaust. What're they playing at? I'd try asking them again, and stress fuel-economy reasons for the K&N.

J Wakeham

is there are real fuel improvement with the filter being fitted??? Or is this a ;-) i get ya, wink wink type thing that you 'sell' to the insurance company...

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