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MG MGF Technical - K&N installation query

Hi all

Just about to install a K&N57i (well, as soon as I pick it up when I get out of work tonight). Rob and Andy's superb instructions all printed off to take home wth me (thanks, guys).

One quick question, though - as far as I can tell, the two induction tubes are basically hanging in place by a pair of cable ties. Is this right? Seems odd to me to have things dangling about in the engine bay - am I just being paranoid?

And is it acceptable to connect the end of the tubes to the hydragas pipes, at least until next tuesday when I will purchase some of Mr Randell's much-lauded devices? It says on the instructions "... but it should cause problems" - is this a typo?


Hi Jamie,

Yep, the induction tubes are effectively fixed in place with cable ties. Shouldn't cause you any probs unless your ride height is particularly low (I had mine fixed like this for a while without any problems). Tom's brackets are great though, they fix the induction tubes more securely (to the sub-frame rather than the hydragas pipes), ensure they are pointing directly front-wards (rather than at an angle pointing towards the side of the car), and give you more ground clearance.

At the filter end of the tubes, make sure you allow a few inches clearance between the end of the tubes and the cone filter.

Budget an hour, to an hour and a half to fit the kit. Then take her out for a spin and I defy you not to grin from ear to ear when you hear that induction roar!

Jim Hosking

Sounds like a typo, but i'd need to read it in context.

Positioning the pipes a la K+N under the car could cause problems if they impact on anything - mounting a kerb, or hitting a speed ramp for instance. Basically they are tied to the Hydragas pipes and in the event of an impact, there is an outside chance the Hydragas pipes may be damaged. Obviously this risk is increased if the car is lowered.

Tom's bracket eliminates this problem and it also ensures the pipe ends point forwards, which if you follow K+Ns instructions, they rarely do 100%.

At the top of the pipes there are no moving parts, so cable tying them to the petrol tank breather pipes is OK (small diameter copper pipes). As has been mentioned above, leave a rough 4" gap between the pipes and the filter, this is to prevent any water soaking the filter element should you go through a deep puddle.

Scarlet Fever

Thanks, guys.

Will be grinning by about 7pm tonight (technical incompetancy notwithstanding...)



I take it you want a bracket of me at Silverstone then?

Anyone else need one 10 on the day otherwise 12 mail order.

Tom Randell @ work

I should be going to Silverstone, Tom - I'll see you there! If I can't make it I'll email you asap.


Job completed then Jamie? :o)
Rob Bell

>> Job completed then Jamie?

IF not, nip to your local Wilkinsons or any budget hardware type store, and get some extra zips ties. the longest ones you can find. Link the induction tubes together, then link loop a daisy chain of ties up and over the subframe, and connect the tubes to this. Avoids any danger of ripping coolant pipes off. Not nearly as good as Toms bracket but safer than the K&N standard fixing method. It'll serve as a good stop gap til you get one of Toms brackets and probably only cost an extra 50p.
Phil Brindley

Rob - yes, but see my 'incipient HGF' thread... I'd appreciate any further thoughts, 'cos I'm getting really paranoid now.

Phil - oddly, that's almost precisely what I've done! Great minds and all that :-)


Tom, have one of your brackets but no instructions - When I get under the car will fitting be obvious?
Russell Parslow

Russell email me, I will send instructions I take it you brought it 2nd hand?

Tom Randell

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