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MG MGF Technical - K&N Installation Woes

Hi All,

Got my K&N unit yesterday - very excited. Knocked off work a little earlier today so I could install the unit. Allowed myself 3 hours. Well, now in a world of hurt.

I bought a kit and for the life of me cannot get it installed correct. In the end I have attached the K&N filter directly to the throttle body. Is this going to be an issue in the longer run?

I did manage to remove the filter box and pipe underneath. Couldn't get the resonator box out though which is stopping me from completing my installation.

So, here are my questions:

1. Is it ok to have the K&N filter connected directly to the throttle body?

2. Is there any EASY way to remove the resonator box?

3. Any other things I should worry about?

I drove it quickly to see how it went. Satarted fine and drove fairly well. Sounds is unbelieveable. A lot louder than expected.


Sonny Foster

1: yes
2: no, well not in one piece
3: the intermediate pipe cleans up the airflow, so you should get more power when using it, but I have mine on the throttlebody because it was the only way it would fit in the midget.
Will Munns


The filter should fit in even without removing the resonator box. I found the easiest way was to connect the various pipes together loosely, then tighten up all of the hose clips once I had the angle right. From memory, the elbow pipe is not symmetrical, so try it both ways round.

One of the plusses of the K series engine is its very wide torque range. If you connect the filter direct to the throttle body this range is reduced making the engine more "peaky". Not sur eif this would enough for you to feel when driving though, Will seems happy enough with his.

Christopher Marshall

I have cut the original air pipe to fit my Piper x filter and thats fine!!! So the filter is right on the throttle.


P.S It suffers heavily with the varying engine bay temps though!!!!!


check out the active tread several dowm from this one.

Some usful info. (maybe)


Sonny, what stopped you fitting the induction pipe? Wrong diameter? Splicing piece missing?

If you fitted the cold air pipes as per the K&N instructions, they'll be too far away from the cone to perform as intended, so the engine will be drawing mainly hot air. Won't kill it, but you'll lose power rather than gain it.
Mike Hankin

>> 1. Is it ok to have the K&N filter connected directly to the throttle body? <<

Not ideal- you loose 5bhp due to turbulence through the throttle. Best use the 6" spacer tube. There's a bit about this here:

>> 2. Is there any EASY way to remove the resonator box? <<

Either drop the subframe or cut the resonator box up - but the short answer is that there is no easy way to remove - but it isn't necessary: the cooling pipes run perfectly well with the resonator still in place.

>> 3. Any other things I should worry about? <<

(a) Make sure that the retaining clip on the filter is adequately tight, but not so tight as to distort the plastic throttle body (if you have one fitted to your car)
(b) Ensure that the cooling ducts are mounted the correct distance away from the filter, and are pointing in the filter's direction. I usually point one fractionally above, and the other fractionally below the filter.

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

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