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MG MGF Technical - K&N Lotus or MGF???

Sorry for yet another K&N filter question.

Can you fit a Lotus Elise K&N 57i kit to an MGF. Being from Yorkshire, and tight, I wondered why they are roughly 50 difference in price when the engines are suppose to be much the same? Are there any disadvantages???

I hadn't realised you only direct the flow of cold air towards the filter rather than connecting it all together. It seemed a bit basic but everyone seems to rave about it.

Christmas is coming and I've convinced my girlfriend she can buy me one!!!
D Parr

[Peeps, is the archive/live BBS search engine not working correctly? SF posted a reply to me couple of weeks ago re: the engine compartment air dynamics of an Elise vrs an F.]

D, IIRC (from a colleague's Elise) the Elise kit only contains one air intake pipe (which is connected to the side air vent grille with a useless cable tie) as opposed to the two in the F kit.

Now, I was onto K&N last week re: ordering air intakes on their tod and they're 9.99 each... where the extra 40 appears with the kit, I dunno. Maybe just another case of MGR drivers getting shafted.

Colin McIlwaine

Completely agree with you Col. :o) Yes, the Lotus kit will fit, and yes, you'll need an extra cold air supply: the engine bay of an MGF gets a good deal warmer than that of the Elise. :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 07/12/2004 and 08/12/2004

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