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MG MGF Technical - K&N or Pipercross

I was just wondering if there are any differences between a K&N Cone Filter and the Viper Pipercross Cone Filter.

They look pretty much the same. I ask as I have soon both advertised and just wanted to know if one is better than the other.
Steve Green - KX51 NUH

There are differences in terms of construction - which is obvious: the K&N is a oil impregnated cotton gauze filter, where as the Pipercross is a oil impregnated foam filter.

I suspect that flow rates are going to be pretty comparable.

There are big differences in terms of installation kit - and this has an enormous impact on how well the filter performs on the car.

Mount the filter directly to the throttle body sucking in hot air from the engine bay, and you'll LOOSE anywhere in the region of 5-10 bhp.

Have the filter in cold air, and spaced out from the throttle body, and you'll see a gain of up to 8 bhp.

More on the filter tests we performed here:

The cheapo Pipercross filter, on its own, is best avoided - unless you intend to construct your own cold air box (R800 option detailed here: )

The 57i is pretty good value for money for what it offers.

The Pipercross Viper and ITG Maxogen are probably the best filter systems, but you end up paying for the priviledge.

You pays your money, and you make your choice.
Rob Bell

If anyone is interested I still have brackets for the K&N cold air pipes which fit both the F and TF.

The price is 12 including carriage for UK

Email for further details

Tom Randell might be an option too.

D Fleurbaaij

Definitely Dennis! :o)

How's the project coming along - it the assembly fitted to the car yet?
Rob Bell


Not yet. Those slow english are my biggest problem at the moment ;) It's like they have to swim the parts over or something.

I'm hoping that all parts will be in by friday. And they better not be filled with seawater :)

D Fleurbaaij


The other option is to stick with what you have got, and get a Green replacement element for your trophy airbox. Reroute the front pipe to the air duct on the passenger side. Thats what I have done on my Trophy.
Blue Pocket Rocket

Completely agree with you there BPR - this is the conversion that Roger Parker and Bruno pioneered (albeit on non-Trophy MGFs with K&N panels rather than Green - but frankly, that doesn't make that much difference). It works really well - as can be seen from Bruno's power curves:
Rob Bell

Hang on

this is just a new panel filter and a length of ducting to get cold air into the std box ??

Bargain and worth about 6bhp by my calculations on the LabRat... = 109bhp..we are getting there!

Not sure that you'd get 6bhp on Lab Rat Neil, but yes, that's the general idea... :o)
Rob Bell

Right let's find some ducting

>Right let's find some ducting

Halfords for the 'small'(normal) stuff, B&Q for the type used for washer driers (big ar*e). Always use metal pipe, as the plastic pipe (used for extractor fans in bathrooms) will melt in the 'bay
Will Munns

Whats the part number for the oe retaining clip(jubilee clip)that fits on the alloy 48mm throttle body.

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