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MG MGF Technical - K&N or PiperX

I am looking to buy an uprated air filter for my MGF and am unsure of what to buy.

Anyone know what the best is - K&N or PiperX.

Also read reviews saying the K&N can give upto 15bhp extra, is this true?


K&N normally wins on output but it has to be the induction kit.
As for 15BHP extra this depends on the engine VVC yes but on 1.8i it is only about 8BHP.

For more info take a look at Robs web pages

Tom Randell

K&N wins hands down and as they say:- never mind the quality feel the width. Once you have fitted the MGF K&N cone filter kit you will be constantly grinning.

Ted Newman

I echo what Ted says. It has to be a K&N, nothing else comes close IMO.
Andy Bourne

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Paul Lathwell

Given that the K&N seems to be the choice, what kind of increases have people seen in (UK) insurance costs with one fitted?

I'm already thinking it might be worth a few extra quid. ;-)

Sadly a lot of companies will simply turn you away as soon as you mention the K&N (and probably other such filters). I'd estimate that a good two thirds actually would turn round and say they won't provide insurance with the K&N, although you can still get insurance (obviously) and still at a competitive price.
Paul Lathwell

The main problem with the Pipercross filter is that it doesn't have cold air feed pipes which enable the engine to draw in cooler air through the filter.

The K&N does have these - however as they are simply pieces of pipe running from underneath the car to the filter - it wouldn't be too difficult to sort out a similar system for a Pipercross filter, and the results would probably be nearly as effective as the K&N.

There are two other options:
The Piper system which is very similar to the K&N and produces nearly identical power gains - but is 50% more expensive.

There is also the enclosed system from PTP which uses an ITG filter - twice the price of the K&N. But its likley to be better than the K&N since the filter is enclosed in a box, so the air intake temperature is very likley to be lower than with the K&N. In fact someone has posted in this board that they noticed an improvement when they upgraded from the K&N to the PTP system. I already have the K&N but if I was buying from new this is the system I would go for.


Clarification time, the Pipercross system does have a cold air induction IF purchased from ourselves,(their kit IS different) as I developed this cold air induction pipe as a specified kit supplied to us from Px, this is viewable on our web site IMO this is superior to the K&N ,(foam filters absorb a large amount of dust without reducing air flow capacity)I have tested these kits long term over 60k miles on three demo cars.I origionally started with a ITG kit made up from various sourced components as I had good experience of ITG filters on our V8 MGB conversions some 13 years ago,the latest ITG filter which we are able to supply has a cold air box in either carbon fibre or e-glass surrounding the filter this draws cold air via a large dia inlet duct and thus surrounds the filter giving it cool high pressure air to all the filter media. We have been supplied independent rolling road figures for this system which gives an increase in torque and BHP.The BHP figure for eg. shows a max 118.3BHP @ 5500rpm with the ITG and 109.7BHP@6000rpm with the std system, these are at the wheels (from the graphs supplied at 5500 the std car was producing 104.2bhp)rather than discuss actual BHP figures as these are not representative of on the road gains suffice is to say a 9% gain in peak power was achieved, this would be increased under driven condition due to the cooler air drawn compared to the std MG system.Down side is the cost 230.00 plus vat for the e-glass system good enough for all road cars or 255.00 plus vat for the Carbon -fibre item. I will be conducting my own tests shortly and be stocking them as well.

Regards insurance, there are companies that will cover you with a K&N. I'm with Peter Best and have fitted a K&N with no premium increase at all. Shop around.
Andy Bourne

The cheaper alternative to an ITG filter is to construct one's own air filter enclosure. Carl made his own very attractive air box (as seen on Dieter's web page).
I have had different thoughts, and am currently collecting the parts to construct an appropriate assembly. Thanks to Roger for the suggestion of an air box that could be used- it is even from a Rover! Too little time at the moment to play with this, but will keep you all posted as to developments!

Rob Bell

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