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MG MGF Technical - K&N X-Stream Cone Filters

Anyone know if these can be used instead of the standard cone in a 57i kit. Also are they any better ??


they own an enlarged filter dimension. The cap is built as filter also.

Some german chaps installed one. Some with, others without rubberhose between the filter and the throttle body. You probabbly need a connection pipe between the Kit rubber hose and the filter. Depends on the X-Strem filters connector diameter. Its flexible as all the other 'standard'-K&N Filter.

Sorry, I'm not the one who ever will say anything how good it works. No test schedules availiable.

See too in the archive. I recall a message some month ago.


Gaz, I have no direct experience with these filters- but I contacted K&N directly about them last year whan I first heard about them.

Their reply was that the cone filter supplied with the 57i kit was capable of providing more than enough air for the K-series application, and therefore the x-Stream filters were not likely to provide any additional benefit.

Apparantly, the filter was designed with the 'Max-Power' market in mind... ;o)

Rob Bell

Thanx guyz. Well I cleaned the filter cone yesterday evening (with the K&N service kit). Simple enuff ... soak filter with cleaner and rinse under tap water. Leave to dry then spray on oil. Oil is red coloured to help you find those spots you've missed. Anyway crux is induction roar is now back to levels experienced when the kit was first fitted about 18 months ago ... hmmm ... lurrrrrrrvely


This thread was discussed between 23/04/2000 and 24/04/2000

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