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MG MGF Technical - K&N57i - diy

Having read and re-read Rob Bell's detailed instructions on fitting a K&N induction kit I'm toying with having a go on my 97F. However I am useless when it comes to DIY and cars - any other novices out there who have fitted a K&N with complete success?




If you follow the instructions you will have no problem.

Sam Murray

You'll be fine Paul. Get a mate around and have the beers cooling ready for when you've finished... and believe me, few things prepare you for the wonderful noise! :o)
Rob Bell

Ditto that Paul, I'll definately put the K&N in myself, Rob's instructions make it look fairly simple. Whilst I've been waiting for my K&N I've been reading various DIY instuctions on F sites, and familiarising myself with the layout. You can see quite a bit through the inspection cover in the boot. I'll let you know how I get on. Paul, keep us posted!


ps: Is Tom Randall about? I remember him from Brands Hatch when he tried to scare me witless by giving me a passenger ride in his F round the track! ;) Tom if you're there, how much for your K&N bracket?
Emma Jackman

Just thought I'd have a read through myself, is Rob's website down?

It's okay from here:

Good luck guys :o)
Rob Bell

Rob, you don't advocate drinking BEFORE starting work then? ;)

thanks to all - will let you know how I get on, just need to buy the K&N now and put the local garage on standby...

Still not working for me... I'll have another go when I get home..

Guys, as another newbie who has fitted the K&N following Rob's instructions (to my 1999 VVC), I would definitely say go for it. Tom's bracket for the induction tubing is well worth getting, and was about a tenner IIRC.

You might also want to think about fitting an upgraded(alloy) throttle body while you're at it - also very easy and basically a straight swap (check the archives for instructions - one of the four attachment bolts in particular is tricky to get to, but I managed with regular spanners and some scuffed knuckles...) I got a second-hand 48mm TB on eBay for about 50, from an MG Z car I think. The combination of the two has given much improved throttle response, eliminated a slight bit of "stickiness" and of course gives that fantastic noise!!

Will Harvey

I think I've been convinced to order myself a K&N kit ... I had a Blitz incduction kit in my Celica and it was fantastic ... and the main reason it was so hard to give up and swap for the MGF.

Rob, I assume your (excellent) instructions are the same for the trophy160?

I the bracket difficult to fit - I'm not fussed on attaching anything to the hydragas pipes - I've enough problems on that front.
N McNamara

Pretty much identical, except you don't need to worry about the resonance box or the elbow joint that is attached to it :o)

Are the Blitz filter the metal matrix filters from Japan? These ought to work well with the MG as well - once again a question of ensuring a cold air supply though.
Rob Bell

Yes, the blitz filters are metal matrix - but very expensive and a bit hit and miss if you get all the parts needed to connect it :( only problem i can see is its size - its significantly bigger than other k&n cones I've seen.

I'll give it a go when the K&N kit comes and keep you posted.
N McNamara

Blitz doesn't come as a range of sizes? Odd. Good luck with the K&N - shouldn't think that you'll have any problems with it :o)
Rob Bell

As a tight-wad Yorkshire man, I bought a Pipercross filter off a mate with an Elise. I needed some ducting so I bought some expandable alloy heating duct from BandQ for a tenner (55 spent so far). I hadn't seen Rob's instuctions but that's pretty much what I did- with loads of cable ties!
It sounds fantastic and my routes are planned via tunnels to hear it roar! Just done the exhaust disconnect today as well (see Flaps & Brakes).
If you've got a filter upgrade, get it slapped on this weekend! Have fun and watch yer knuckles!
Tim Reid

If you don't want to spend a lot of cash, but would like the performance of an enclosed air flter, build yourself an enclosure from a 7" Homebase flower pot and saucer covered with aluminium foil.

It works best if the hoses are fitted on made-up spigots, but you will still get the desired separation of hot and cold air making slightly undersize holes in the side and one end, then jamming the hoses in place. The pot fits quite snugly into the engine space, but a couple of cable ties helps keep everything in place. The only trouble is you have to dismantle the whole thing if you want to clean the filter.

Rob has most of the information on his website and rest in in the archive.


Got the K&N fitted today, bit of a cop out as had it done with the service.

Paul Bevan

My husband fitted a K&N on my car this week. I too am grinning like a Cheshire Cat. What a great sound!!!

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