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MG MGF Technical - K&N, How Loud?

How loud should it be?


It is an inert material so it makes no noise:)

Seriously - it depends on situations, accelerate away from traffic lights with welly on the floor and keep it going and it is very noisy.

Don't know the DB rating.

Ted Newman

can send you a clip.

Sorry, should have explained more, i have one already and it is lovely jubly. but i was concerned there may be something wrong because it is very loud. or it is reasnobly loud and i have the hard top on, so i know it will be a lot louder without the hard top, and even louder with the soft top up and the back window out. but the fact that you have used the words 'very noisy' Ted has satisfied me that it should be as loud as it is.

I'm obviously not complaining anyway, i love it.

my mum was discusted when i took her for a drive at the weekend though. (but i could still sense a small smile in there somewhere when i booted it and the roar came)

Gareth a clip would still be good for interests sake (just to compare)


Took my 85 year old mother-in-law for a spin and she said it should make more noise to be a 'proper sports car' and NO there is nothing wrong with her hearing!

Ted Newman


This may sound strange but my K&N is loudest with the hardtop on than without, and the intake roar is a lot deeper. In fact it is much quieter with the soft open.

Spyros Papageorghiou

This is because the air intake is right next to your ear under the parcel shelf. The fact that it sounds louder with the hardtop on is not a big surprise. People outside the car will hardly hear it unless they are very close. It also depends what you call loud.
Tony Smith


Next to your ear but not next to my ear - next to my passengers ear!

Ted Newman

This thread was discussed on 18/12/2000

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