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MG MGF Technical - 'knocking'

Every morning I hear the engine of my 20000 km Steptronic "knocking" during acceleration.

a) Is the mixture set by the factory too lean?

b) Should I warm up the engine before driving?

c) any other solution?



Hydraulic tappets!

Does it go away once the engine is warm? If so don't worry it is a normal thing.

Ted Newman

There should be no knocking noises under acceleration.
Tappets would be obvious at startup and tend to tick rather than knock.

You do no need to warm the car up before driving - though you do need to warm any car up before driving it hard.

Try some top quality (Esso, Shell, Texaco) 97 RON petrol; if it still knocks then take it to a dealer for investigation.

Could it be the transmission rather than the engine ?
Is it really only in the morning ?


Maybe it could be a loose cambolt.

I would personally recommend you to take the car to mg specialist like Mike Satur or Browns&Gammons / or any reputable MG services for cam bolt check.

What year is the car?

I had the knocking noise, and my cam gear was *just*
holding on to the engine. I could have lost the whole
engine but I was lucky.. only tiny damage on a cam shaft + cam gear.

Get it sorted asap, and if that knocking noise is always on and gets faster as Rev goes up, then you should not run the car, and definately take it to the dealer by a tow truck.

Best of luck. Hopefully just noisy tappets!

Hanah Kim

I again show my ignorance of the K series engine (I don't know if it has a Knock (Ping) snsor. But most modern, computer controlled engines use a knock sensor. This sends a "knocking detected" input to the ECU, and the ECU changes the timing to compensate. If this sensor fails you will detect knocking under load. I'm sure someone out there knows if the K has such a sensor in the MGF.

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