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MG MGF Technical - Know nothing about MG just bought

Just bought a MG B, about 1970, and trying to find out what it is. Anyone know where I can find information on identifying the model. Have looked at pictures but none have the chrome strip going down hood. I also have no clue how to get the hood open. any info would help.


Try the MGB board



Bryan, if you repost in the MGB General forum then I'm sure you'll get a detailed response.

In the meantime, I can't recall an MGB with a chrome strip going down the hood. The MGC's had a hood bulge and a small strip going across the hood, and early midgets had a strip going down the centre, but you would know if you had one of these!

Hood (bonnet) release? Down in the left hand footwell if I remember correctly.

Good luck on the B forum.

Regards, Kes.

You should really post on one of the MGB boards.
This one is for the MGF - a much later (1990s) mid-engined roadster.

I can't remember any Bs with a chrone strip down the hood (bonnet) - some Cs (six cylinder version of the B) had a chrone strip across the hood (at front of 'power bulge')
Perhaps an earlier owner stuck it on ?
The radiator grille design may be a more useful indicator of exact model.

Can't get the hood open ?
The bonnet ? Should be a lever in a footwell, perhaps near door hinge.

Good luck with your B

MGB Bonnet (Hood) release is under the dash on the left hand side.

The chrome strip down the middle is definitely an aftermarket fitment. The MK1 Midget had this feature but that's about it.

Enjoy your new toy,

Thanks so much for the help. I looked at the midgets and saw the two holes beneath the front of the doors. It looks like its a midget.
Thanks again.

This thread was discussed on 06/08/2004

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