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MG MGF Technical - Lady in distress!

Unfortunately I have to sell my MGF. Where do you think the best place is to advertise it? It is actually going into Auto Trader and their other mags at the end of this week but is there anywhere else you think I could try.

I await any replies with bated breath!

truly yours,

Lesley Groome

Lesley Groome

I do sympathise Lesley

However, look on the bright side, you will be able to buy something decent next time round.

Perhaps I could take it off your hands.

Say 10 bucks? 11 if you push me.
Red Ferrari

for Red Ferrari:

go way, grow up....

then you might get to even own a ferrari or if your
really lucky an MG


Leslie: you could go to the home page of this site, register yourself and place an ad here....

Maybe also some of the specialist MG mags (particularly if you're a member of one of the clubs). Failing that there's a list of "publications" via the top of the site too...

Good luck


I think that you already have selected the correct avenues through which to sell your car, although Neil's suggestions to register you car through the mg specialist press is a good 'un!

Good luck

Rob Bell

Try Autotrader, Hopefully you won't get any Timewasters that Don't turn-up etc.

Don't even waste your time.

Junk it!

So Matt, come on tell me. What "wonderful" mg do you drive then?
Red Ferrari

I think Red is confusing the MGF with something else (an mgtf Maybe). If he lives in the US the chances are he don't even know what an MGF looks like.

Comparing an MGF with a Ferrari (even indirectly) is a little silly considering the cheapest Ferrari is more than ten times the price of an MGF.

As for technical complexity, for it's class the VVC is pretty damn complicated and technical if you ask me (too complicatd for many Rover dealers).

The bad things about Rover are many useless dealers and poor build quality. The good things are inovative design (which is not so easy when your limited to the existing parts bin and a finite budget).

I would say that if you want a complicated car you should look at a modern 911, the complexity of all the controls and systems will keep you happy for hours.
Tony Smith

So, Lesley

Have you found all the postings in this thread to be useful and informative.???

How is the car sale going.????
Martin Jackson

Why don´t you just sell off your MGF´s and buy a real roadster - an MX5 of course !
It has excelent handling, good power and exeptional reliability.
Just get rid of all your headecks!
MX-5 man

MX5 man - EU

The next thing we will hear from him is that the 'euro' is a good thing!

Ted Newman

The lady in "dis" dress is very happy to drive MGF's, and doesn't need nurdy advice from some twat in a tinny japanese copy of a British Sports car.

When the Japanese come up with something original apart from Sushi, then by all means profer advice.

Until then Shove it up your bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Female MG owner

Very painful..........

Ted (LOL)
Ted Newman

euch squidgy and wet

Sorry, I should have made my intent clearer.

I wasn't suggesting that you shove Sushi up your BUM.

I was suggesting you shove your MX5 up your BUM!!!!!!
Female MG Owner

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