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MG MGF Technical - leather steering wheel

have been looking at leather steering wheels .are they easy to fit diy. i have been told the air bag module can be used from my existing wheel after a run down period ,just unplug and fit to new wheel.sounds to easy to me ,as you can pick them up second hand,or new unfitted very cheap.advice please. mel.
m e johnson

They are easy to remove/fit. Disconnect the battery first for at least 20 mins. Remove the airbag module (2 Torq screws at the back of the wheel. You can then undo the main nut holding the wheel. When removing the wheel be careful to rotate the rotary coupler. This is the black disc with the raised plastic that fits through a gap in the steering wheel.

When refitting you should ideally use a new locking bolt.

Two tips.

1. make sure the steering wheel is in the 12 o'clock position before you start.

2. place a piece of wood between the battery terminals and the HT cables.

But as Rob says it's pretty straight forward.

I bought a replacement leather steering wheel from the MGF Center at stoneleigh for 50. It was 2nd hand but looked new and so much cheaper than new.

Tom Randell

keep an eye on Ebay, you should be able to pick up brand new ones with out the airbag pretty cheaply.



thanks sally ....just got a blk leather wheel of a 1997 vvc as new ...i hope...18.00 all in .does anyone know if the later mgtf wheels are thicker or diff leather ,they look it on some of the pics on e bay but i wanted a mgf one not mgtf . thanks .mel........
m e johnson

can i disconnect the battery,even tho i havn,t got my 4 digit access code. I was worried that i will have to key it in to start the car ,or is it just for resetting the alarm system if a fault occurs i wanted to fit my steering wheel at the weekend if pos.
m e johnson

According to a my friendly mechanic at the MGR dealer near home disconnecting the battery is a waste of time. Acting on this I swapped the steering wheel on my old R200 with no problems without disconnecting the battery.

If you do opt to disconnect you won't need the 4 digit unlock code as this is only needed if the plip fails to operate the system.


thans steve of to do wheel now ,ill let you guys know how i get on..........mel..
m e johnson

m e johnson

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