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MG MGF Technical - Left pull following service

I've just had my VVC in for an annual service, which it went in for with no problems. However following my local dealer having their grubby hands on it, it now pulls to the left. I just know if I go back with this I'm going to get fobbed off, so any ideas on the best
approach. Oh and is putting 10 miles and acceptable test drive distance, especially when they seem to have used a rather large amount of fuel.



You don't need convince us the dealer has done a less than satisfactory job.If you believe they have tell them, see what they are going to do about it.I'm sure the service wasn't cheap.They are just as likely to hit Kurbs and Knock the suspension out as we are.
Remember most dealers are only there to sell cars!

I've phone my dealer they basically considered themselves not at fault in anyway. So I've taken it up with MG customer services. They are calling my dealer as I type. Time will tell.

In future I'm going to bring my car back to the UK for services etc. So if anyone can recommend a good dealer in lancashire please do. If one exists !


Did they swap the front tyres over side to side?

I have found that this can cause pulling to one side (not with my F.

Stick your ground. If the car was steering straight when it went in - it should when you get it back. Don't accept anything they say until you are happy the car is the way it should be!!!

Ewan R
Ewan Ramage

I use Syd Browns of Longridge near Preston for my car, they can be variable, but i would recomend then as being as good as dealers get. The MG technician 'Ian' is knowledgable and is ok about modifications.

I would also like to recommend Ian at Syd Browns in Longridge; In my dealings with them, Ian has proven himself to be knowledgeable and sorted my problems out.

ian horsfield

In the service they may well have checked ride height and adjusted it which will always throw out the alignment. they should put it right but i guess they don't.

I found after my last service that all four wheels were literally pointing in different directions. not only did it pull in a direction, but it drove like a pig. Rather than struggling with the garage i just went out an stumped up the cash to get the alignment re done somewhere else, to my spec and the problem was solved.

Ewan beat me to the first thought that came to mind, and to extend this further, is there any uneven wear pattern on these tyres?

Roger Parker

Just a brief line; I had problems by the bucket load from the Hull MG dealers extremely poor attitude and workmanship. A phone call to Dixon MG in York put me in contact with the head tech, who is incredibly helpful and provides good unbiased advice. They now carry out all work required, to the highest standards. Not all dealers are cowboys, only most of them.
Andy C19MGF

MG Dealer Guide please.... :)
Paul Lathwell


Happy to oblige; dealer guide entry submitted. Excellent website, glad to help.
Andy C19 MGF

I have recently puchased my MGF and I noticed it pulling to the left and my steering wheel was about an inch out to the right. I booked it into my local MG dealer and they claimed that it was sorted and charged me 75. It is still not sorted and the steering wheel is out about half an inch out to the left. I am thinking they have just moved the wheel a splind or two in the steering column.

What do you all think?


I thought the airbag made steering wheel removal slightly more difficult. The steering wheel may be straightened by a decent tyre/wheel specialist - it's a good idea to get a 4-wheel tracking done every six months anyway. It shouldn't cost more than 50 quid.
Hopefully, someone will post a suitable tracking centre in your area.


Removal of the steering wheel is quite simple - and safe - if the appropriate standing time after disconnection of the battery is followed. The problem with aligning the steering wheel is that the splining is coarse and this often doesn't allow the wheel to be centralised. This has to be done by a ballanced operation with adjustment of the steering rack and positioning the steering wheel on the splines.

To me the clear indication is all that happened is that this wheel was removed and repositioned on the steering shaft.

Roger Parker

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