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MG MGF Technical - LHD headlamp components

I'm trying to work out what the differences exist between a LHD & RHD headlamp unit, and whether parts can be swapped. Am I right in thinking that the beam deflection is set by the lens alone, or could the bulb positions be different too?

If the reflectors are the same, does anyone know whether the lenses can be bought individually? My experience of RHD assemblies with the correct masking for European driving is that they become pretty woeful, to the degree that I'd feel it worth stripping the bumper off to swap lenses. Not quite to the degree that I'd buy complete LHD units though...

Mike Hankin

For the MGF,the difference is in the rear lense. These are not available as spares probably as if you break one of these, then there will not be much of the rest useable.
For the MG TF, then there is a change over lever from UK to Europe. This is an option if you do not want to take your bumper off twice for each visit over the channel.
I find that night driving is minimal on holiday and then probably it is confined to Town, Autobahn or Autoroute where lights are not a problem. At the same time, I do not use converters but carry a set in the boot just in case an over zealous policeman stops me.
Fog lights are another option however beware, they may only be used when visability is less than 50 metres and in Switzerland the police will stop you !!
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Yep, and in Switzerland the policemen have machine guns 8-O

Agreed the main routes aren't an issue, but 'B' roads that wind through mountains have caused me occasional frights. Maybe I'll have to stump up for some LHD assemblies, shame you can't just reverse the lenses.
Mike Hankin

Maybe Dieter may be able to help you - put you onto a German mg specialist that may have some damaged headlamp units with the prism lenses going for a reasonable sum of euros?
Rob Bell

Cunning plan Rob, although I'd probably need to retain his services as interpreter - despite cramming a year of German, I now can't even count reliably or make guarded observations about the weather. Spotted a pair of LHD units on eBay, I'll see how I get on there before troubling Dieter.
Mike Hankin

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