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MG MGF Technical - Lifetime of Radiator

Hello everyone,
I want to know what is the average lifetime of a front radiator in the MGF as I saw some coolant leaking from the front of the car and I suspect it was the radiator or the hoses leaking.

And about the engine cooling fan (right side), it makes a lot of noises when its powered on. I suspect the fan motor are gone.

I want to know how much it cost and parts needed to fix the above two problems. Are these commond problem for my 1996 1.8i?

The life expectancy of any part will vary greatly depending on how and where it was used or abused.

I believe that the radiator on my '96 MGF is the original in which case it has already lasted longer than the one on my previous Mondeo.

The first port of call for prices for parts and labour would normally be an MGR dealer or specialist.

I believe that Mike Satur quotes prices on his site for the supply and fitting of a radiator and/or the underfloor coolant pipes - take a look. His site (and others) can be accessed via the "Advertisers" tab at the top of the screen.

If you signon as a member (quick, easy & free) you will also have access to the archive where a search for keywords like 'radiator' or 'water leak' etc will give you more info than you need.

The rad might well be on it's last legs, along with the underbody pipes - the mgtf rad is a direct swap - and apparently better, but you might just want to get a radiator man to recore your current one (should be much less, but might take a couple of days and you'd have to do the work yourself)
Mike Satur does alloy underbody pipes, which don't rust and are a good investment/replacement
Will Munns

I had my March 97 radiator changed at the last service 84K and it was just okay although cooling fins had dropped out. At the same time I had the front to back coolant pipes replaced at the same time and these where also on there last legs and manged to put my car keys through them.

Dave Livingstone has some picture I think.

I have stuck with std Rover parts as I could not see spending extra money on MS ali pipes worth while and anyway prefer to Let Techspeed supply and fit the parts.


Tom Randell@work


I'm sure you got a good deal at, and are happy with, Techspeed. B&G are less than 15 miles from me and I will probably use them when the time comes. MS actually charge less for an uprated radiator than the standard MGR radiator price so I will also consider that at the time.

At last service I was notified that the rad was beginning to show signs of corrosion so my time is approaching.

@ John
Had my rad and pipes replaced at last service, I too went for the OEM pipes, but had a re-cored rad from a company that Techspeed work with on an old for new basis, save me about 40. Might be worth contacting a similar company in your area John, or seeing if B&G hav a deal going.

I think the Fan is load in general, mine is very audible from inside and outside the car when it kicks in.
Phil Brindley (Work)

This thread was discussed on 02/12/2003

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