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MG MGF Technical - Light Bulbs

Only bought the 1996 VVC F at Easter but found the BBS to be usefull. However what bulbs do I really need for the headlights??

Owners Handbook says Dip Headlight GLB499, Main Headlight GLB448

Halfords says Dip 477, Main 448. Took 477 but totally wrong. Eegit in Halfords suggested my car had the wrong bulbs

PowerBulbs says Dip H1 fit, Main H7 fit

My F appears to have the same bulb in all 4 light units and a 448 was in the Dip and fits all 4 lights.

You guys out there have been playing with Fs for much longer than me - can you help ?

Would ask dealer but they seem to be closed just because it's a Bank Holiday!!!

My 97 VVC has H1 all round. Apparently there were some variations.

By the way Powerbulbs give a very quick service, and a free set of sidelight bulbs.

Thanks Brian.

I just browsed the archive and see that the F can be all H1 or mixed H1/7.

Still think Halfords was an eegit as he said I had the wrong lights!! I would have accepted 'different lights'

Halfords book is completely incorrect (BTDT).

448 for both headlight and full beam.
Andy Gilhooley

>>PowerBulbs says Dip H1 fit, Main H7 fit<<

Yikes! I was sure that my '96 F has H7 on the dipped? I'll check again this evening...

Confused? You will be...
Rob Bell

Could be worth checking that, Rob - Mine are both H1(448) because I had the same problem as John at Halfords when I replaced the bulbs with Bosch Xenon units.

... wonder if there's been a change at some point?
Andy Gilhooley

I went through the same thing as Andy.

Incidentally Andy, how long have your Bosch's lasted? I gave up on them after blowing three bulbs in as many months.
Finn Steele


I took the blown bulb with me when I went to Halfords and came to the conclusion that their guide was wrong.


>> Incidentally Andy, how long have your Bosch's lasted? I gave up on them after blowing three bulbs in as many months.

Been in there about 2 months. No problems (touchwood).
Andy Gilhooley

This thread was discussed between 06/05/2002 and 08/05/2002

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