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MG MGF Technical - Lighting the way

To say the headlights on my F VVC are dim would be an understatement. Would anyone know is there a way of replacing them with a more modern set i.e. TF (and if so is it an easy process) or is there a conversion kit, or am I better of fitting a set of auxiliary driving lights; any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.
Les Lewis

the bowls deteroiote, so a new set of bowls or rechromeing your own should see you clear again.

There is quite a cost involved in new units, but you may have to replace them at the next MOT anyhows (same reason).

TF conversion is possible, but it needs a new bumper as well.
Will Munns

If you can see even the slightest mistiness in the reflectors then no the night vision won't be great. There's a guy (check the archives for contact details) that will re-chrome your existing reflectors for a good price, or budget 60 per unit for secondhand. I'd go for re-chroming, although there is a week or so turnaround.
Mike Hankin

I took the easy route and fitted the Phillips Vision plus bulbs. There are noticeably better than the standard bulbs but still not stunning.
Steve Ratledge

When I last looked at fitting the TF lights, they did not require more than a different electrical connector.
Can anyone that has done it confirm that there is a bumper change required.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

The TF lights simply will not physically fit with the F bumper, they're different shapes. The F bumper also has the indicator lights as separate holes and they are integral to the TF units. Although you could do what Ford do and place badges over the holes and nobody will notice will they.

If the TF lights fitted I think many would have changed but who wants a square TF bumber on their rounded F?
Neil Stothert

The F headlights are an accident on the way to a happening. I had to drive almost 600k home on a wet night and he fastest UI could travel with safety was 60km per hour any faster and I would have pranged. My only salvation was a passing Ford Explorer whose headlights I used for almost 500km. I have one of the first F to TF conversions (see Mike Satur's web for pictures) It is the best thing I have done to the car, mind you I was assisted by an insurance claim. The lights are far superior and the front of the car looks great - more agresssive with is Dath Vader lights. By the way paint the full front the same colour - the black inserts make it look like a chocolate box

In short do yourself a favour and do it.



As others say the lighting quality is poor. Rather than change my lamps, I don't want to lose the original style I have tried several sets of bulbs, the best I have found, and currently use are Osram Cool Blues, cheap as chips off E Bay.

Not brilliant but an improvement.

Adrian Clifford

Les, if you are not averse to a bit of DIY, then Geoff Smith is your man for re-chroming. He did mine, and to say that the improvement was the difference between night and day would be quite appropriate:

As mentioned above, fitting TF lamps to an F is possible, but you have to change the bumpers as well. More here:

Unfortunately, there isn't enough space inside the standard MGF lamp units to fit both the main and dip beam projector lamps. It may just be possible to fit just the dip beam projectors though - which are the ones you want anyway... a winter project for your truely... ;o)
Rob Bell

A little DIY tip on headlight jobbs:

Before starting the job, park the car facing a wall. Mark the location of the tyres on the ground, then turn on the headlight, and mark the level of the light on the wall with sticky tape.

When done with the headlight job, park on the same spot and adjust to the same level as before.

How much was a recrome by this guy? (I got to do at least one side soon...)


O Sander

60 quid as I recall Oskar :o)
Rob Bell

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