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MG MGF Technical - Lights

I've had a Rover 25 for the last 4 weeks (while a new engine is dropped in my VVC - see previous cam belt threads) but I should give it back today - yipee.

However there is one thing I've noticed that is better on the 25 than the F - THE LIGHTS. They are certainly much brighter at night.

Are there any ways of increasing the brightness of the F's lights ?

The dealer says I could put more powerful bulbs in but it will probably overload the wiring - will it ?
Andy Wyatt

Yes you can get higher rated bulbs but there is a legal limit of 55 watts I think. Higher rated bulbs can be had up to 130 watts.
The current taken by a 55 watt bulb is 55/13.5=4.07 amps. The current taken by a 130 watt bulb is 130/13.5=9.63. Over twice as much. I doubt that it would cause your wiring to burst into flames but it would probably get noticeably warmer. The rating of the fuses would also be a consideration.
My concern would be the extra heat generated by the bulb causing plastic in the headlight unit to melt.
All this to balance against the useage of main beam, that is assuming you only changed the main beam ones. How long do you have your main beams on? Not very long on these busy roads today. Maybe a couple of minutes?
Hope this helps
Bruce Caldwell

Thanks Bruce

The garage has just rung, my F is ready (5.5 weeks off the road). So I will make it to Silverstone in it, albeit slower than normal due to running it in.

Silver R660LPN
Andy Wyatt

I've put Xenon bulbs in mine - NOT the foul blue things, just proper white ones. Same wattage, noticeably higher light output. Think they were about 12 the pair, though i didn't shop around. Worth it, anyway.

Ed Clarke

>>>NOT the foul blue things

Glad you cleared that up, Ed!
David Bainbridge

This thread was discussed on 22/06/2001

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