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MG MGF Technical - loud cracking noise

I got this loud cracking noise underneath the front end(think its on the off side) which has been there for over a year now?
Its been through two mot's and they have not picked it up but its really bugging me now.
It makes this "crack" noise when you come out of the drive on to the road or typically when you drive over speed ramps, or maybe roadabbouts etc.
Any ideas???
Tony Thomas

Going slowly over speed bumps I get a noise from the off side front which I have assumed was the mud flap just catching the top of the speed bump.
Robert Matthews 1

What size tyres have you got on the front? I get a crack noise sometimes when the tyre (I have 205/45's at the front) rubs a wheel arch.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

I have had this noise on my '97 Mpi for some years now, and have had it investigated by two different mg specialists without a solution.

However the last time, they re-pumped the suspension and left it a touch higher than before and this seemed to significantly reduce but not entirely eliminate the problem.

Does this give anyone any ideas as to what might be causing it?

Andy Dear

There are two potential noises: one is the cross member bar moving - and appears to get worse on cornering, and the other is suspension related.

I had the latter - and pot holes and speed bumps would lead to an almighty crack noise. Had it for almost a year.

I can't be sure of what was causing the noise, but I can say that once I had the subframe bushes replaced with alloy TF items, the noise disappeared.

If you are considering a suspension upgrade anyway, then fitting these subframe bushes would be a good idea and a sound investment.

If you are grappling with a noise, then changing subframe bushes is an expensive undertaking with no guarantees...

Sorry I can't be of more help!
Rob Bell

Broken or cracked wheel arch liner?
Bob Millar

Thanks all for the input.
I think your explanation and solution sounds like the one, as it really is an "almighty" crack sound?
I just spent a small fortune on the rear suspension bushes for the MOT so not looking for a front end upgrade just yet!
I would just like to get rid of the noise (sounds terminal!!!) The missus thinks the F is going to fall apart or something?
If i was having a guess the noise comes from just underneath your right foot where you can also feel a little movement i think???
The last resort would be to put her into MGROVER dealer near me but thats holiday money done for if i do that!
Tony Thomas

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