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MG MGF Technical - Louder exhaust note

Anybody know how to louden the exhaust on an MGF 1.8i without surgery (no drilling holes)?

I'm 21, and have been told by my insurance company that I cannot mod my F.

Driving a lot with the top down at the moment I am getting more and more dissapointed with the level of noise from the back end.

To make matters worse my Dad picked up a S2 Elise 111S with a very loud Magnex back box on this week, so mine sounds totally pathetic.

I'm really annoyed as I have the money to mod. Are my insurance comp likely to turn me down if i bypass the cat???

Is there anything on the market to simulate a sports exhaust?? I really really want to mod the car but I have no choice and my ins isnt up for renewal until Nov so can't loose a yrs no claims over it by changing companies!

Cheers guys, sorry if this seems relly daft but you got to understand!!!

HAM 421E Tahiti Blue
Ian Hamshaw

Sure I've still got a broken flexipipe somewhere, your car might lose a fair bit of power, but it will certainly be loud.

I drove up to Fort William from Glasgow with no back box, my ears were ringing for days.

Don't think there's any easy solution, except wait til November and try and find a more understanding insurance company.

Shame, but sure it will be worth the wait ;-p

paul weatherill

>> I'm really annoyed as I have the money to mod. Are my insurance comp likely to turn me down if i bypass the cat??? <<

If they won't accept a replacement S/S exhaust, then they are unlikely to be at all happy with a cat replacement pipe.

Ian, have you tried re-wording your enquiry? Surely a replacement stainless steel exhaust back box is better than a sports exhaust system - if you see what I mean?

There are certain key-words that always make insurance reps twitchy...
Rob Bell

MoT, needed needs new exhaust to pass (old one sic years old so overdue), Rover garage recemmended a stainless steel one. Its a bit more expensive but should last longer....Thought I better just let you know.....

One option is to change insurance company.

As Rob says re word the question to the insurance comapany, the exhaust has blown and just checking that there is no problem replacing with a stainless steel aftermarket exhaust.

Good luck as you wont regret it.

Tom Randell

I have been thinking about sleeving the insides of the tailpipes on my TF. There is a perforated tube surrounded by sound absorbant stuff in the tails and I was wondering if covering the holes would make a difference - any thoughts?

Minimal I'd have said Tony. The perforations are only really there for appearance's sake. The vast majority of the noise reduction is performed inside the silencer box.
Rob Bell

You could try fitting a TF exhaust to an F to make it a bit louder. B&G are having a clearout and have loads of stuff up on ebay at the mo including exhausts, bumpers fasias, leccy mirors etc :-
Steve White

K&N for fuel efficiency reasons!

Worked for me & no premium increase!


there are no end of leery loud exhausts out there. true for real volume you need to ditch ( temporarily) the cat and the pipe for something a bit better.

Of the loudest exhausts ever made for the F the Trevor Taylor Fextreme is the one but a rare thing, Trevor unfortunately died of cancer and the company that made them for Trev was a small operation in Mitcham called the Exhaustman who operated out of a unit south of mitcham Surrey may be wound up!
At one point in the past he made an equally wicked pipe for an X1/9 of mine. I dont know if they are still in business though worth finding out as they could probably build one for you

So the only two examples of the exhaust I know of one is on my car and the other one via Rob Bell is in New Zealand, Rob went on to replace his pipe (with something a bit soprano!)

SO the bottom line is there are plenty of loud pipes about for this car but very few that sound any good.


<<I have been thinking about sleeving the insides of the tailpipes on my TF. There is a perforated tube surrounded by sound absorbant stuff in the tails and I was wondering if covering the holes would make a difference - any thoughts? >>

I would have thought the obvious solution is to take out the "sound absorbent stuff", Actually it is a fibreglass type stuff and I used to remove it from the four in one pipe I had on my motorbikes.
John Dickson

If you want more noise and cannot go down the box route until later just put a cat replacement pipe on.

Good luck,
DJC Dorrell

Sound quality is a really difficult thing to describe. I'd like to get a louder exhaust for my F (the K&N did it for a while, but you just end up wanting more...) and have no idea of which to get. I can hear the sound I want in my head - much less of the high-pitch pseudo-F1 roar, more of a classic british burble and clack. If anyone remembers the sound of the Lotus or Caterham [never worked out which it was] in the title sequence of 'The Prisoner', *that's* it.

Anyway - why don't we start a sound library? It'd be easy enough to decide on a stock recording situation - perhaps with a microphone held between the seat headrests pointing directly backwards, driving from standstill to 40mph as fast as poss using 1st and 2nd, holding at 40mph in 3rd for a few moments, then booting it to 60mph, followed by fast downshifts through the gears. Just a suggestion, but that sequence would seem to hold all the obvious exhaust otes we look for. OK, we'd all get different sound levels and qualities, but it'd be a start. We'd need someone to host them all, of course...

J Wakeham

If you have trouble with the exhaust then the insurance really wont like the cat replacement, the only solution is to cut the backbox in half, pull out the sound material fibres, and then weld back up - the box will look the same but be much louder, don't know if it will be the sort of loud you are looking for though!
Will Munns

I solved this problem a long time ago. Not being able to afford a SS exhaust I drilled a series of 6mm holes in the pipe from the flexible coupler to the silencer. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the right note but the cost is zero.

At MOT time you fill the holes with Gun Gum which is easily removeable afterwards.

Or maybe this is just a stupid answer to a stupid question

Oh Dear Brian!
I wonder how many horses that cost you!
this is definitely NOT what I would do!


It is April 1st isn't it?


Try changing the car; I use a 1.8 ex-MGF engine, and pay less than 100/yr fully com with no mileage limit.

Check out the sound from the video 3/4 down the page on:


Nice work

sounds a bit nasal though


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