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MG MGF Technical - Lowering Pins Setup

I have a set of MS lowering pins on their way (Thanks to Erik).

Once I get them and fit them, what should the ride height be set at so as not to cause any incorrect tyre wear.?
I will also get another 4 wheel alignment done. What should the correct settings be for both front and back?

Is there any traps I should look out for ?



Aim for a ride height of 350mm on the front wheels Branko.

Getting a 4-wheel alignment afterwards is very sensible. It is worth altering the front toe from the standard 10minutes toe-out to 0 or even 5minutes toe-in. This is because the front bump-steer characteristic of the front wheel under compression is towards increasing toe-out (see

Interestingly, ride height is only a minor contributor to front tyre wear - that's another story... ;o)

Traps to look for? If you are pressuring the hydragas yourself, apply the rule of thirds to get the ride height you're after. It is not uncommon for dramatic overshoots of the ride height if you attempt to do it in one shot!

Good luck!
Rob Bell


@Rob the how to...
and at mine the how not to

Another trap to look for is fitment quality ;)

I know, you are a cautious DIY'er, however better look twice befor you do in the pins plastic socket to the lower arm.
And remember, the more grease the better it is against later corrosion.

Dieter < -- with paranoya recalling my first installation ;)

Branko i have lowering pins and i am riding on 325mm. I have also full powerflex bushes and shock absorber bushes . The car looks v.nice when this low and plus the bushes, it handles like a track car, sometimes too stiff but i really like it. In summer it will 335 which will be fine, i think. No bottoming outs yet but i drive it very carefully. I definetely recommend the powerflex bushes assuming you dont have them, if you want to make the ride better, harder, less bouncy and much more stiffer. A v.good combination with the lowering pins.

>> and at mine the how not to <<

Gulp - an alarming chamber of horrors there Dieter. :o(
Rob Bell

so if I set the ride height to 350mm (with the new lowering pins installed), will the camber be correct so as not to wear the inside of the tyres?

I bought new tyres as well. Got a good deal on FALKEN ZE-326, 195/50/15 x 4.

it always makes me look twice at the pics you take because of the rust involved with so many parts.
Here we don't have that problem. :-)
I will, however use plenty of grease when I put it all together.

I think that 325mm height would be too low for where I am. We have lots of speed humps that would love to play games with the bottom of my car.
I will stick to the standard height recommended with these lowering pins.

< No bottoming outs yet but I drive it very carefully >
An MGF? carefully? Hmm, never tried that.... LOL.



>> so if I set the ride height to 350mm (with the new lowering pins installed), will the camber be correct so as not to wear the inside of the tyres? <<

In short yes :o) Although, as mentioned before, camber isn't the problem with front tyre wear - it's toe-angle change... so when you get the tracking reset, go for 0 degrees toe at the front, which should do the trick of abating the chance of tyre wear nicely :o)
Rob Bell

I've recently received the Lowering Pins. Thanks Erik, they look great!
I will be installing them over the next several days.

Today I fully released the hydragas suspension.
It looks really weird seeing the car that low!
I can't even get one finger between the arch and the tyre and the underside is about 2 inches off the ground.



Today I put in the lowering pins and all went OK.
However, I had to pump up the pressure to 450psi (or at least that's what the guage reads) to get it to 330mm ride height. To get it to 350mm, I'm wondering how much pressure I will need to pump in?


Did you put back the washers between pins and alloy cone ?

450 psi reading with the tiny gauge at the usual pump doesn't mean much. Count in 10 to 20 percent reading tolerance.

Branko, I run 350 or two fingers between tyre and front gaurd, but once mine is pumped I have to take it for a short ride then check again as the suspension tends to rise a little . I tried running 325 but it bottoms out over Westfields speed humps which may have caused some of my suspension problems.
Andrew Regens

Branko, the gauge is accurate. I installed a new calibrated one a couple of years ago so I am confident it measures the correct pressure.

d mottram

Dieter, Yes i put the waashers back in, Thanks. I tried to reuse the clip on the top part of the pin but it would not hold the rubber boot on properly. As you suggested I used some wire to hold it in. I wonder if there is smaller sized boot cover that can be used?

Andrew, I just checked the height and it seems to have stablised at 325mm at front and 320mm at the rear. No bottoming out as yet.

David, Ok, I'll do another pressure check and see what it reads.



Branko. It's the front one to go by. I would still prefer to be 340 -350 .
Andrew Regens

Branko as Andrew says always check the ride height from the front unless you have made the suspension independant. My current ride height is 325mm, i think it looks very cool when this low, but needs precaution at speed bumps or poor roads, also have the trophy splitter. I am planning to pump mine to 335 just to feel safer and make the ride a little more comfy. I must also warn you that if you go too fast over pot holes or some bumpy roads, you might easily find yourself thrown to one side of the road especially if you are not holding the steering wheel firm enough. Enjoy your lower F :)

Andrew, The front is what I do go by. I will try for a 340 tomorrow.

Yigit, The car does looks good at 325/330 but I am concerned about tyre wear. Looks like after all my work I'll have to get another wheel alignment check. This hyrdagas system is starting to peeve me off a little. Everytime I want to work on certain parts of the suspension I have to account for the depressurising and pumping up of the hydragas system.
Why did they not design the car with a small pump inbuit into the system?

Give me standard springs and shocks anyday.


:) You are right Branko, life would be much easier with standard springs and shocks -and a front engine. But then if you come to think of it, this different configuration and package of the F, makes it special and different to other cars. Of course i would definetely agree with any comments that this configuration is a time stealer. (and an annoyance if it steals 2 much time) It would be perfect if there was a small built in pump and even better to have in car control to lower the car say similar to cayenne or the e-series. I would put mine on the lower level when i park the car and put it on the land rover height when i am driving with my wife :)

I can understand your frustration. However IMO people worry too much about a mm here or there. The setting changes considerably with the temperature. I suggest you set it at a convenient height and adjust the toe settings to suit. I know that this approach does little for the camber problem but until somebody designs an adjustable bottom wishbone for the front you are stuck with slotting the outer holes and adjusting it that way. Believe me, altering springs and dampers can be more frustrating and more expensive and still does nothing for the camber problem.

Good Luck...........David
d mottram


RE: rubber gaitor
.. LOL... don't say I didn't suggest to lower it the other way :) (no probs with crumpled gaitors at mine) ;)

IMO there is no other available. May be coincidence if you find one :)

Anyway, keep patient with the final ride height target. Do some miles on a bumpy road and check the height one day later again.

>Why did they not design the car with a small pump inbuit into the system?

Seriously, there had been simulations and studies of Engineers Mr N. Rosam and Mr J. Darling (back in 1996 at University Bath) about improvements to the hydragas system with a Roll Control System ... including a pump ;)

Yigit, Springs and shocks I don't mind, But I ldo ove the "feel" of a mid mount engine. Nothing like it!!!

David, I agree with you. a few mm's here or there make no difference. I must find time to build my own pump, one day. Maybe?

Dieter, You know me! Always do things the hard way first. LOL.
We must source a rubber gaitor that is from another car that wil do the job. it can't be all that hard.?

I have finally settled on setting the ride height at 345mm both front wheels.

Ooops, forgot UK does not like to hear Bloody... :-)

Cheers :-0


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