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MG MGF Technical - Main relay pack wiring map

I need to know about the colour coding of the wires that goes into the MEMS Relay Module. I suspect that one of the relays may be ceasing or interrupting its signal intermittently as my F is experiencing an occasional failure that we have been unable to identify so far. I want to check the In and Out voltage of the wires that goes trough the main pack relay circuit but for that need to clearly identify each of them. Thanks for your help.
Paul Elliot

Please urgent help needed as I would like to sort thhis problem out over the week end. Just need the wiring colour code mapping. Thanks.
Paul Elliot

Paul, missed this earlier.

Check Dieter's site as there should be full wiring diags.

or direkt link

and subject look inside
Dieter K.

Thank you guys. Very helpful indeed.
Now and just to be sure. Can any of you confirm which colours are the in and out wires of the fuel pump relay? Sorry but some of the wiring colours are fading in my car and its not an easy task to identify them.
Paul Elliot

Paul, I am not completely sure but think that wire out from the pack to the pump is purple-white -or white with a purple stripe-. The wire going into the relay pack is identified with a N. Hope this help.
John Churchill

The wire to the fuel pump is white with a purple stripe (pin 1 on the connector). The feed for the relay contacts is Brown with a slate stripe (pin 4 on the connector).


Bruce Caldwell

This thread was discussed between 22/05/2004 and 25/05/2004

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